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Why go to las vegas?

Christophe Claret can put you in the most exclusive blackjack table or roulette in your wrist.

After 20 years working for various brands Christophe Claret launches third model watch with your name and we can say that this project was a bold and surprising.

Blackjack 21 is not just a name, it is a model that brings a mini casino on your wrist.

But how ?

First he put a Dice (the old game of dice).


This game is a second set of thumbnail data in (1.5 mm per side) which is located at the 4 o'clock position on the side of the box and is visible through a sapphire crystal.

The wheel is positioned on the second match the back of the watch and is visible through a sapphire crystal.

21 Blackjack Streaming Ita Film Senza Limiti

The movement is done through two wave motion, the wheel spins for a while before stopping.

Since there is no ball, an arrow on the bearing stops ingrained in one of 37 numbers (0-36) roulette.

21 Blackjack Streaming Ita Hd

So far no one had the idea and the ability to adapt blackjack on a watch and it was this movement that left this extraordinary model.

The rules you listed in the display:
In headings 03:00 to 09:00, the player has four cards that will appear in the window, only two are visible and two hidden blinds.

The display at the top of the table the dealer has three cards with a visible and the other two also hidden.

And so continuing the game.

21 Blackjack Streaming Ita Cb01

The dealer has 216 different combinations of cards and the player 4096, which is a total of 884,736 ways to win or lose the game.

That this model has a chronograph complex.

The BLJ08 caliber is certified by the COSC and was produced in 501 components and two barrels ensuring a reserve of 72 hours.

The crown can be gold or titanium and dial in onyx black, titanium gray or sapphire, depending on the version and also brings a plate decorated with themed casino (playing cards, Las Vegas or clown) that sets the stage for the year ended the display.

Christophe Claret Blackjack 21 is a limited edition of 21 numbered pieces for each version.

If you were curious as to how this model works do not miss the video presentation.

Retail Price:
The values ​​range from 136.000,00 to 160.000,00 Euros


Limited Editions
Each version will be limited to a maximum of 21 pieces

Mechanical self-winding movement
Calibre BLJ08
Twin barrel
501 components
7 double sets of ceramic ball bearings

28,800 vph 4,0 (Hz)

40 Jewels

72 hours


Hour, minute and three games:
Blackjack with bell, roulette and dice

White gold and grade 5 black PVD titanium
Pink gold and grade 5 black PVD titanium platinum and grade 5 black PVD titanium
Grade 5 black PVD titanium or grade 5 grey titanium
Two side windows, one revealing the striking mechanism hammer and bell, the other a pair of dice
Titanium or titanium/gold crowns

21 Black Jack Film Streaming Ita

Measuring 45,00mm in diameter

Titanium and grey sapphire with a plaque decorated with casino-related motifs
(card games, Las Vegas or Joker)
or black onyx
Black PVD/ruby or gold/ceramic hands
Three 'dealer' windows, two of which are activated by a button pushpiece at 10 o’clock with bell
Four 'player' windows, three of which are activated by a button pushpiece at 8 o’clock with bell
3D roulette wheel that rotates as the watch rotor moves on the back

Black alligator with a two-screw attachment system that avoids damaging the case



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All of our members are volunteers, including instructors. Our instructors are merely students who have studied hard and spent a lot of time practicing, have proven to their peers the ability to convey the knowledge of our art to others, and have chosen to take the role of leading our practices.

21 Blackjack Streaming Ita

Founding the Academy in 1994, Johanus Haidner has Provost ranks in longsword, shortsword, and unarmed combat, with additional ranks in knife, staff, and pole-arms. He has been studying Western Martial Arts before the term became popular, and before HEMA was called HEMA. A former champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, he has won medals in open martial arts tournaments across Alberta for both weapons and unarmed divisions.

“It is my strong belief that training is a life-long pursuit, and that martial arts has much more to offer than most people realize. It’s not just a matter of fitness, it’s a way of discovering yourself and learning true interaction with your whole being that is offered in no other way — mind, body, and spirit. Our European heritage has so much to offer us that people don’t begin to comprehend. While I encourage cross-training, I believe that no other martial heritage has as much to offer, nor is as rich as that of Europe.”

Nikolai began his martial arts career at the age of 13 when he started Taekwondo, eventually achieving the rank of black belt. He got into HEMA at the age of 17 and never looked back, although he has dabbled in other martial arts on occasion. Today Nikolai assists in the AES as a Junior Instructor teaching new students. He holds the rank of Provost in Longsword, is a Savant in Ringen, and is currently exploring Meyer’s Rappier. While always preferring diplomacy to violence, martial arts have occasionally helped Nikolai in his career as a Peace Officer in healthcare security.