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Israel Benitez, 71, Temple, OK Graveside service at the Temple Cemetery, Thursday, April 9 at 1000 a.m., Rev. Ron Bartoli officiating under the direction of Hart-Wyatt Funeral Home in Temple. Viewing will be held from 900 a.m. Israel Saenz Benitez was born to Francisco.

CountryPlacePrizeGPI Points
26-Dec-2019United States$ 525 + 75 No Limit Hold'em
Encore Boston Harbor $250,000 Guarantee, Everett
3rd $ 62,633 147.90
18-Sep-2019United States$ 120 No Limit Hold'em
2019 Foxwoods Recurring Tournaments, Mashantucket
16th $ 320 16.20
08-Mar-2019United States$ 530 + 70 No Limit Hold'em
Foxwoods Poker Classic, Mashantucket
103rd $ 1,550 13.73
23-Jun-2018United States$ 500 No Limit Hold'em - Blazing Stack (Event #1)
Foxwoods Summer Kick-Off, Mashantucket
52nd $ 1,308 3.22
01-Oct-2017United States$ 530 + 70 No Limit Hold'em (Event #1)
Foxwoods World Poker Finals, Mashantucket
97th $ 1,274
19-Feb-2017United States$ 400 No Limit Hold'em - Big Stack Bounty Event 5
Winter Deep Freeze Poker Challenge, Mashantucket
4th $ 4,196
10-Dec-2016United States$ 1,500 + 150 No Limit Hold'em - Championship
Mega Stack Challenge, Mashantucket
12th $ 5,652
18-Aug-2016United States$ 580 No Limit Hold'em #2
WSOP Circuit - WSOPC Foxwoods, Mashantucket
69th $ 1,739
15-Apr-2016United States$ 400 No Limit Hold'em - Multi Day Event (Event #1)
2016 Foxwoods Weekend Mini Series, Mashantucket
4th $ 8,500
10-Feb-2016United States$ 350 + 50 No Limit Hold'em - Main Event
PPC Foxwoods Aruba $100K, Mashantucket
6th $ 6,667
16-Jul-2011United StatesNo Limit Hold'em
2011 Mohegan Sun Garanteed Tournaments, Uncasville
1st $ 3,782

Since June 2019 and for 2 months, I created and participated in this project with 54 illustrators to create a fully illustrated poker deck, I want to thank all the participants for supporting the project, without them, it would not have been possible, so, don't forget to follow all the artists who participated! Andres Benitez is a well known poker player from Jefferson, United States.He won more than USD 97,621.00 in his carreer with poker events alone. Cash Games not counted. His last public game was in 26-Dec-2019 where he finished as 3 in the $ 525 + 75 No Limit Hold'em event in Encore Boston Harbor $250,000 Guarantee, Everett.

Francisco 'VaPaCooler' Benitez raised to 500 from under the gun and was called by David 'MyLastHand!' Comeron in the early position and Andres 'chokitin' Korn in the hijack while the rest folded.

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The flop came , Benitez continued with a bet of 1,320 which was called by both opponents.

The turn was the and it was checked to Korn who bet 3,725. Benitez responded with a raise to 12,576 for Comeron to fold and Korn to call.

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Andres Benitez Poker Game

The river completed the board with the and Benitez shoved for 25,554 which Korn called for the same amount he had left with for the set of treys but Benitez held for the straight to send Korn out to reenter.