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And there’s my list of my favorite 10 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, largely informed by the properties with the best gaming conditions for specific games. I tried to include some interesting information about the restaurants and other amenities, too, but you can understand why that might be of secondary importance. Online casinos do not tend to have players clubs, at least not in the way that brick-and-mortar casinos have. For online casinos, players can join VIP clubs or rewards programs (without the need to opt-in as the brick and physical alternatives require). This allows players to accumulate comp points and rewards for showing loyalty. PayPal at Online Casinos. Till 2003, PayPal was the largest payment processor in online gambling industry. In 2003, they left online gambling market completely, only to return 7 years later. However, the company operates only in legislated markets and only with licensed and reputable online casinos. Top 10 best online casinos of the 2016-2017 years in the opinion of AllStarsCasinos. A list of top rated online casino sites presented here. In the end, sort by 'Top-Rated' to find the Best Online Casinos or by 'Most Visited' to find the Most Popular Online Casinos. As of today - December 12, 2020: The Newest Online Casino is Las Atlantis Casino which rewards you with 100% + 100 FS upon your first deposit.

There are lots of websites that offer real money blackjack. I’m going to post a few of my favorites in a second here, but I just wanted to start out by letting you know that not all gambling sites were created equal. It is important to choose your betting site wisely.

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Most importantly, the safety of your funds is a must. These days, just about anyone with a computer and a bunch of extra cash can throw together a quick real money blackjack site. But those aren’t the types of sites that you want to play at. The best websites for any kind of gambling are those that are run by legitimate businesses.

Here are a few solid places to play blackjack online:

The Best Blackjack Casinos for 2016

RankGambling SiteNew Player BonusReviewVisit Site

This is important to note because most deposit bonuses at casinos do not apply to blackjack. As you probably already know, blackjack is a low house advantage game when played with proper strategy. Casinos are therefore reluctant to give out deposit bonuses that apply to blackjack.

Lucky Red and Buzzluck buck that trend by frequently giving out reload bonuses that can be cleared with blackjack. You don’t see that often in this industry, so it’s sort of a big deal. It really doesn’t get any better than implementing blackjack strategy, playing cards and clearing a bonus at the same time.

More Information and Tips

Check out the following pages for blackjack strategy, tips and more:

How to Play Real Money Blackjack

Getting started with blackjack online is pretty easy. The first step is to choose a gambling site. The sites that I mentioned above are my favorites, but there are lots of options out there. Just make sure that wherever you play is known as a safe casino. You can read my reviews, search Google and ask other players on discussion forums.

After you find a gambling site to play at, you can visit its website to sign up for an account. At most casino websites, you’ll be presented with two options: download and instant play. The download option will let you download the casino software so that you can log in any time on your computer. The instant play option allows you to play real money games inside your web browser.

Both options are fine, but I personally prefer the download option. I find it easier and faster than waiting for the instant play casino to load. In either case, the next step will be to sign up for an account. You’ll be asked to sign up the first time you run the downloadable software or load the instant play casino.

After you have an account, the last step is to make a deposit. Just click on the “cashier” option and then the “deposit” option. You can then choose a deposit option and follow the options on the screen to make a deposit.

Whew, I just realized that’s a big block of text. Here are some cliffs:

  1. Choose an online casino
  2. Visit the website
  3. Download the software
  4. Sign up for an account
  5. Make a deposit

And here’s a picture of the deposit screen at a typical online casino:

As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Type in the information and hit the deposit button. The above screenshot is for making a credit card deposit, but there are also other deposit options. The credit card is the easiest for most people though.

With a funded real money account, you are good to go. Go back to the casino and choose your game. Blackjack will usually be listed under a “table games” category. After blackjack loads, you can place your bets and make your decisions. From here on out, it’s a matter of luck and skill.

Video Guide

Here’s an excellent getting-started video for blackjack by Michael Shackleford. Mike runs the famous website Wizard of Odds and is famous for his deep understanding of the numbers behind casino games. This is a great video for experienced players and newbies alike.

No-Download Game

If you’re at all fuzzy on the rules of blackjack, use the free game below to play a few hands. You don’t need to download anything to give it a shot. This game comes straight from Lucky Red Casino and this is pretty much what you can expect when you play. This is also a handy way to practice your strategy without risking real money.

Note that this game has been resized to fit on the screen – it looks much better at the actual casino site.

If you get an error message or can’t see the game at all, try turning off any browser plugins such as AdBlock Plus. Those tend to mess up my free flash games here.


Cashing Out

Cashing out is the fun part. If you’re fortunate enough to make a profit while playing blackjack online, you’ll come to a point where you decide it’s time to cash in your winnings. The withdrawal process is similar to making your initial deposit.

To get your money, go to the cashier again and click on the “withdraw” button. You’ll see a list of withdrawal options. Choose an option, tell them how much you want to cash out and they’ll send your money.

If you live in the United States, you will probably have to choose between having a check mailed to your house or receiving a cash transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram. If you live elsewhere, you will have those options plus electronic bank transfers and e-wallets.

Well, that about covers it. Now go get ‘em.

Best and Worst in Online Gambling for 2016

And as we enter a new year – it’s time to reflect on the past…

So here we go once again! Are you ready? It was an amazing year – just like years past – we have had some really fantastic experiences. Casinos are getting better – marvelously better. Actually, some casinos are doing some incredible amazing things via technology that not only give players a fantastic playing experience, but actually protect the player. Some of these operators have had their fingers on the pulse of this industry and know what players really want. That is the good side of the coin.

The bad side: 2016 has proven to be one of the most corrupt years in this industry’s history. So called licensing jurisdictions have turned a blind eye towards fraud and rogueness. We have software pirates, craphole casinos, and casino employees that still threaten and abuse their clients. Woo hoo – an amazing year!

And Sheldon Adelson proved once again that greedy old people with money are assholes.

So – prepare yourself for the “only iGaming awards that matter”. Grab a beer or a hot cup o’ java, put on some chillin’ tunes, don your flack-vests and Kevlars and secure those chinstraps. You’re about to jump into the trenches of online gambling. Hoo-wah!


Drum roll please…

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