Best Texas Poker For Android

WSOP Poker- Texas Holdem Android This is another best poker game Android 2021 and it was created by Playtika and it is also authentic poker game of Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and many more. This game is one of the most prestigious poker brand which raises the stakes with its authentic experience. Best Texas Poker comes online! Take a virtual trip to Texas and immerse yourself in the hold’em excitement! Texas Poker satisfies all you can imagine in a poker game! Play Texas Poker with millions of real friends around the world! Challenge yourself to improve your poker skills and become a real poker winner. Moreover, teen patti is moved in. Best Android Poker Apps For 2020. Android online poker is ideal for smartphone players who want to enjoy mobile Texas Hold'em on the move. Android phones and tablets have taken over the global market in recent years thanks to a variety of devices using the Android OS – good news for mobile poker players wanting to use their device to play Texas Hold'em. Poker Ace is the most interesting Texas Holdem poker app in the world. Play our Poker Ace game you can enjoy the best Vegas Casino poker online and live Texas Holdem poker with players around the. Enjoy Texas Holdem in: Cash games, Spin & Play, Sit & Go poker tournaments, Royal Poker, Friends game, online Blackjack 21, Big Win and much more great poker in the different Wild West poker saloons. This variety of online poker formats is a real poker party and gives the best poker experience!

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. There are tons of variants and it’s easy to play. You can even toss a few bucks into the pot and bet on it. As you can probably imagine, there are tons of poker apps and games on Android. Surprisingly, there aren’t a ton of good ones. They are almost all predominately free to play and tune the game for that kind of stuff. Still, there are some decent ones to play. Here are the best poker apps and games you can find on Android!

Please note, the apps are in alphabetical order.
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Price: Free with in-app purchases

Appeak is one of the up and coming poker apps. It boasts over 100,000 active players, in-game challenges to keep things fun, and a simple UI that puts the game first. The game gives you 7000 free coins per day just in case you happen to run out. You’ll be able to engage in sit-and-go tournaments and regular poker games if you want to. It’s fairly simple overall. Additionally, it doesn’t hit the pay-to-win nerve as hard as many others. It’s great, especially if you enjoy playing against real people.

Governor of Poker 3

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Governor of Poker 3 is one of the more run-of-the-mill poker apps on Android. It has a ton of features and play types. There are six different poker types to play (including Texas Hold’em), online games, and there’s even a blackjack game. It gives you chips every four hours along with a spinner that can give you more. It also comes with cross-platform support. You can play on the web via Facebook, Steam, iOS, and Android. Some reviewers have complained about the poor odds of winning. However, that’s how gambling kind of works. It’s fun as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Mega Hit Poker

Price: Free to play

Mega Hit Poker is an above average freemium poker game. The game boasts a decent number of free chips, tournaments, various game modes, a slots mini-game, and some social elements. You can even record your games to see how you did. The developers also boast an RNG certification from iTech Labs. The certification is accessible in the game’s menu. We’re not sure if that makes it any better, but we liked this one and so do most of the other Google Play reviewers.

Offline Poker

Price: Free to play

Offline Poker is one of the newer poker games on the list. Its biggest draw is the offline play. You can play it anywhere, anytime, and you don’t need an Internet connection to do so. Some of the other game features include up to six player multiplayer, fast folding, online player versus player, and a simple UI. The AI was a little difficult, but definitely beatable while the online community is fun to play against.

Poker 5 Card Draw

Price: Free to play

Poker 5 Card Draw is another newer poker game on the list. This one is decent, but not amazing. It features four game play modes with both real people and AI bots. The multiplayer extends up to eight players and the online play has a lot of options for players of various skill levels. The training mode with bots works fine. As usual, cards don’t act like real life and you’ll see some huge hands on the same round you have yours. Thus, we think the RNG is tweaked a little bit. Otherwise, it’s a good little poker game.

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Poker Heat

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Poker Heat is fun freemium option. Its claim to fame is its league-based competition. You’ll join one of seven leagues and then compete to see who can reach the top. It also features online play with friends or strangers if you want to. There are some other small things that make the game fun, but the big thing are those leagues. It’s a freemium game and that means you’ll have to wait for some free coins if you happened to run out. Otherwise, it’s a fun little game.

Video Poker Classic

Price: Free to play

Video Poker Classic is a fairly simple video poker app. The developers boast almost 40 game types along with realistic Vegas shuffling. It was okay in our testing, but nothing mind blowing. You also get free coins every four hours, offline support, and more. It doesn’t have the best looking UI, but the mechanics are fairly solid. The big story is the almost 40 game types, though. That should keep the game interesting for a long time. It is a freemium game. However, this one isn’t as bad as many others in terms of its freemium elements.

Video Poker Offline

Price: Free to play

Video Poker Offline is another simple video poker app. This one is a freemium app like most of its competitors. However, this one seems to do it better than most. The game features both online and offline support as well as several game modes and support for English, Spanish, and Chinese. The UI isn’t great, but the mechanics are simple enough. It’s one of the few freemium poker games that Google Play reviewers seem to actually like. It’s didn’t do half bad during our testing.

World Series of Poker

Price: Free to play

World Series of Poker is probably the best of the freemium poker apps and games out there. It supports Texas Hold’em and Omaha styles of poker. Additionally, you can play online with tons of people in a variety of scenarios and events. You can also play on the web via Facebook or the official site using your same account, It’ll deliver you free chips every four hours and there are even some slots if you want to play those. It’s the most typical of the freemium poker games, but it does what it does better than most.

Zynga Poker

Price: Free to play

Zynga Poker is one of the more polarizing poker apps on the list. People either really like or they really hate it. On the face of it, it does all the right things. You have live online games against real people. There are a variety of game types and events that you can play. However, there are tons of people who swear that this game doesn’t use a true RNG method. Whether or not they’re right is up to you. It’s a solid, fun game to play, although if winning all the time is what you enjoy, you might want to steer clear of this one. Give it a shot at least.

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If we missed any great poker apps or games, tell us about them in the comment section below! Thank you for reading!

Launched by Google in September 2008, Android has become the
most popular mobile operating system OS in the world.

In the United States, almost 63% of mobile devices run
Android. China and Germany favor Android devices even more, with
over 80% of their populations using this OS.

Given how many people use Android around the globe, it’s no
surprise that this OS is also heavily used by online Texas
holdem players too.

Nearly all online poker sites are compatible with Android
devices, which makes it easy to play Texas holdem with Android.

Best texas hold

If you’re interested in playing poker through this OS, keep
reading as we discuss Android basics, how to play poker with it,
the benefits of doing so, and the top Android poker apps.

What Is the Android OS?

The Android operating system comes installed on a number of
different smartphone and tablet brands, including:

  • LG
  • Moto
  • Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy

Android devices feature lots of Google owned services,
including Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. This allows users to
quickly access a variety of helpful services without having to
download and install each one themselves.

Of course, Android products can also be customized if you
want to change the apps, interface, themes, and wallpapers.

Many find this customization easy when downloading poker
apps, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more.

This OS also backs up all of your smartphone contacts via
your Google Account. Every number that you save to your address
book is also documented in your Google Account.

This is really useful because if you lose your phone,
contacts for your friends and family will be saved.

No matter whether you get an Android, iPhone iOS, or Windows
Phone, your contacts will be available in your new address list
without having to transfer anything.

Android Updates

Like any good technology company, Google is always working on
ways to improve its products. Such is the case with Android,
with Google releasing updates on this software once every
several months.

At the time of this writing, the latest update is
Marshmallow, which is easier to use, has better battery life,
and offers more customization with apps/interface.

All of this is important when playing online poker through
Android because you want smooth gameplay and minimal

Here’s a look at some important Android updates that have
been released over the years:

  • Android 1.5 Cupcake – The first version of the Android
  • Android 3.2 Honeycomb – Launched on the Motorola Xoom,
    this is the first update that was created solely for tablets
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – First OS that could run
    on both smartphones and tablets, negating the need for
    individuated updates.
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Launched on the Huawei Nexus 6P
    and LG Nexus 5X, this is the most recent update.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat – Upcoming update that will be
    featured on the HTC ‘Marlin’ and ‘Sailfish’

How Do I Get Android Updates?

The more expensive Android mobile devices are eligible to
receive updates immediately after they’re released.

But regardless of the price or age of your phone, you’ll
eventually be notified of updates at the top of your screen.

After accepting an update, you’ll be asked to connect to WiFi
so that you avoid additional data charges. Considering that
updates can be large and time consuming, you stand the risk of
incurring fees by downloading through a mobile data connection.

Android Security

Android apps are offered through the Google Play Store, and
Google tests every app before it’s available for download. Any
app developer who violates Google’s terms can have their account
suspended or banned.

Even after you install an app and start using it, Android’s
built in software scans your phone/tablet to make sure that an
app isn’t harmful.

If an app shows any warning signs, you’ll be notified and
Google Play may can block it.

How to Play Android Poker

You have one of two options when you want to play Android
Texas holdem:

  1. You can search for the desired poker app in the Google Play Store.
  2. You can visit an online poker site through your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be prompted to download the app there.

If you visit the Google Play Store, you can also type the
word ‘poker’ into the search engine to see what’s available.
This brings up a list of different poker apps, and each one will
let you know if the app is free or costs money.

Real money online poker sites always offer their apps for
free because they make money off the rake that you contribute.
Most other poker apps are free too since they earn revenue from
advertisements and by selling extra play money chips.

Once you find an app that you want, click on it to begin the
installation process.

Real Money Poker vs Social Poker

If you’re playing at a real money online poker site, you’ll
be prompted to create an account before you can start playing.
This requires details like your name, password, and email

After you’ve created an account and verified your email, you
can start playing the free mode. If you want to play for real
money, you’ll have to choose one of the poker site’s available
banking methods and make a deposit.

You may not even need to download an app to start playing
because some real money poker sites offer in browser play.

If you’re downloading a social poker app, you’ll normally be
prompted to enter a credit card, PayPal address, or Verizon
billing to complete your account.

You’ll also be shown a list of what the app needs to access,
including your photos section, WiFi, device ID, and in app

Best Texas Poker For Android Phones

While most social poker apps don’t cost anything to play
initially, many tempt you with offers to purchase more chips and
embellishments for your avatar.

Social poker apps don’t allow you to win monetary prizes and
are solely meant for entertainment and playing with your

How to Find the Best Android Poker Apps

One of the easiest ways to find good Android Texas holdem
apps involves searching for poker apps, then looking at ratings
as you scroll down the list.

Each app will have a rating from 1 to 5 underneath the title.
Most apps are within the 4.0 to 5.0 range, but the less popular
ones have ratings of lower than 4.0.

You can also Google a specific app that you’re interested in
and read full length reviews to get a clearer picture. This is
recommended for anybody who wants to deposit on a real money
poker site or purchase chips from social apps.

Considering the large number of poker apps available today,
you won’t always find full length reviews. But it’s still worth
Googling any prospective app to find out more information.

Assuming you only want to use the ratings offered in the
Google Play Store, you can download apps, try them, and delete
or keep them.

What Non Poker Apps are Available for Android?

The types and number of Android apps available know no

Some non-poker apps that you can find include book readers,
camera improvements, maps, music players, news alerts, photo
editors, social games, and many more options.

The Google Play Store offers a list of recommendations for
you near the top of their homepage. You can scroll down to see
the most popular apps in different categories too.

Benefits of Android Texas Holdem

The obvious benefit to playing Texas holdem through an
Android is convenience. This is especially true of smartphones
because they fit in your pocket and can quickly be accessed
anywhere at any time.

Although not pocket sized like smartphones, tablets are also
handy for when you want to play quick poker sessions.

Below you can see more benefits of playing Android Texas

Detachment Is Easier

When you play poker on a PC or laptop, chances are that
you’re not just going to play a few hands here or there. Most
people play longer sessions when they sit down to a PC/laptop
because these options aren’t as easy to transport.

But with mobile gaming, you can play a few hands, put the
mobile device away, and do something else until you feel like
playing again.

Multi-Tasking with Your Smartphone

Most people perform multiple tasks on their smartphone every
hour, including making calls, using social media, texting, and
watching videos.

If you’re one of the many who are glued to their smartphone,
you’ll enjoy multi-tasking with your phone in between hands and

Real Money Poker Sites Offer Special Mobile Bonuses

In hopes of encouraging more customers to download their app,
some real money poker rooms offer special bonuses for tablet and
smartphone players.

These often take the form of match deposit bonuses and/or
extra rewards points during designated hours.

Best Android Poker Apps

If you search for poker apps in the Google Play Store, you’ll
be presented with hundreds of options. This makes for a daunting
task if you’re only looking to play a few hands on a good app.

If you want a shortcut to get started, here are some of the
best and most popular poker apps for Android players.


888 has increased their online poker traffic over the years
by offering free money to new players. At the time of this
writing, you can get $88 free and upfront without having to make
a deposit.

Obviously this money isn’t really free because you must meet
wagering requirements to cash it out. But the free funds give
you a chance to try 888’s real money mobile site before making a

888poker’s other rewards aren’t anything special, and the
rake is among the highest in the mobile poker industry.

But this is still a smooth running poker app that gives you a
chance to play in big tournaments and participate in frequent

Appeak Poker

This is one of the simplest social poker apps that you’ll
find on the market. All you see is a table, small avatars,
cards, and a chat box.

Players who are tired of constant ads and over the top
backgrounds will appreciate this. But players who want to escape
from reality won’t be thrilled with the vanilla approach
featured in Appeak.

Benefits to Appeak Poker include a user friendly interface, a
large international player base, and minimal calls for you to
buy chips.

DH Texas Poker

This is a solid Texas holdem app for anybody who wants to
play for fun in a low pressure environment.

DH Texas Poker offers a variety of tables, including private
games with your friends, and high roller tables designed to make
you feel like a Vegas VIP.

You can also pick up daily rewards through your play and
start with free chips before having to buy anything.

Our only complaint is that there are times when you can’t
find an open tournament seat.


Best Texas Hold'em Game For Android

PokerStars is easily the world’s largest real money poker
site, making them the top destination if you want to play in big
tournaments and cash games.

They also offer lots of promotions, generous loyalty rewards,
customizable table features, and a huge selection of cash games.

The main downside to the PokerStars app is that it doesn’t
offer the fun environment that recreational players enjoy.
Instead, this is more a site for serious players, or those who
aspire to be successful players.

If you want to play real money poker, both PokerStars and 888
are excellent apps. But if you like fun avatars, cartoon like
graphics, and other frills, look for social poker apps.

Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe

This game started as a Facebook social game, then evolved
into a mobile app due to its popularity.

Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe offers lots of tables and
tournaments, daily rewards, customizable avatars, and live chat.
You won’t have trouble finding big tournaments either with this

Our main complaint about Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe is that
its graphics and background don’t inspire much excitement.
Nevertheless, this app has a high rating on Google Play and
remains one of the top social poker games.

Texas Holdem Poker Offline 2

The original Texas Holdem Poker Offline did so well that it
spawned a sequel.

This series has major appeal because you can play it both
online and offline, with the latter being nice for when you’re
without WiFi.

Another perk to Texas Holdem Poker Offline 2 is that you can
multi table and get more hands in per hour.

Downsides to this app include occasional lag and no chat
function. These aren’t deal breakers, but the lack of chat will
bother players who love the social aspect of Android poker.

World Series of Poker

Few apps have better name recognition than World Series of
Poker, which represents the world’s largest live poker
tournament organization.

Designed by EA, World Series of Poker gives you a large
amount of free chips to get you started. You can win more chips
by playing in different WSOP stops, and you can also purchase
more chips – although this app isn’t pushy in this regard.

Texas holdem, Omaha, and pot limit Omaha cash games are
available, in addition to sit and go and tournament formats.

One feature that we really like is the ability to win virtual
WSOP gold bracelets and circuit rings. You even have the chance
to win a real WSOP prize package if you do extremely well.

Zynga Poker

Launched in 2007, Zynga Poker used its partnership with
Facebook to become the first highly successful social poker app.

Since this initial explosion, Zynga has had its ups and
downs, but this app still features over 100,000 players during
peak hours.

One advantage to Zynga is that you can either play through
your Facebook account or as a guest. If you’re one of the many
people with a Facebook account, this makes getting started with
Zynga Poker a quick process.

This is purely a Texas Holdem app, with tournament, sit and
go, Jump, and Shootout formats available.

Jump is a fast fold variant where you get a new hand
immediately after folding, rather than having to wait for a hand
to finish.

One problem with Zynga is that the interface feels cluttered
due to background embellishments and oversized avatars. But the
good news is that Zynga Poker has improved in this regard since
it used to be even more cluttered.

We also don’t like the frequent spam, including
advertisements and prompts to buy chips.

Despite the downsides, Zynga Poker remains a top app due to
the huge player base, established reputation, and action packed
Jump variant.


From serious real money action to lighthearted social gaming,
Android has something for every type of poker player.

888 and PokerStars are two of the leading apps for those who
live in countries where real money online poker is legal.

Appeak, DH Texas Holdem, Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe, Texas
Holdem Poker Offline, and Zynga are nice options for anybody who
just wants to have fun.

No matter what app you choose, the Android OS will further
your poker experience. Android offers good security, frequent OS
updates, and the user friendly Google Play Store.

Other advantages to playing Android Texas Holdem apps include
multi-tasking, easy detachment from poker sessions, and special
bonuses at real money sites.

Best Texas Poker For Android Download

Given everything that Android offers from both a poker and
basic perspective, it’s definitely worth using phones/tablets
with this OS next time you want to play poker.