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Usually, we talk about casinos that are based exclusively in the United States, but today we’re going to cast a wider net and explore the largest casinos in the world. Casinos, and gambling establishments in general, have a history dating back to the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Marina Bay Sands (World's Largest Atrium Casino & Resort), Singapore Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. At its opening in 2010, it was billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including the land cost. Construction on Sun International’s R4-billion Time Square casino and hotel development in Menlyn Maine, Tshwane, is fully on track, with the casino due to open on time in April 2017. This will be followed by the 8,000-seat Arena in September 2017 and the hotel complex in March 2018. Gaming equipment will start moving onto the site in February. Southern California features the largest poker palaces in the world, including the immense 200-plus table Commerce Casino, the 110-table Gardens Casino (formerly the Hawaiian Gardens, the 90-table. In 2011, the Professional Bull Riders brought their Built Ford Tough Series bull riding tour to the WinStar World Casino with an event at an outdoor arena constructed near the casino itself. The event was sponsored by WinStar World Casino and was held annually from 2011 to 2017 under the name 'WinStar World Casino Invitational'. Macao also has this most famous and biggest casino in the world. It is known for its various poker games, table games, gaming machines, hotel rooms, restaurants, and bars. Besides the gaming aspect, this casino also offers its guests with great performances, shows, and world-class hotel services at their hotel.

In our American history, most of the early gambling establishments were commonly referred to as ‘saloons.’ Many of us know about the growth of the gambling industry in America, but that same growth has been mirrored in other countries. The United States doesn’t have the largest of the casinos, the most popular, or even the highest count of. As far as large casinos are concerned, the United States is nowhere near first place.

If we ignore the size and number of casinos, we can focus on what’s important, average gross revenues. When we look at the year’s records for 2009, you can see that the Macau China area (with 33 casinos) produced almost $15 billion in revenue compared to Las Vegas’s second place finish of only $10 billion. It’s strange, as Las Vegas has nearly four times the casinos (A staggering 42 in all). What’s even more interesting is that France had more casinos than Vegas (189 casinos) and only produced just under $4 billion in revenue.

There’s a world-wide casino market of over $50 billion a year. If the size of a casino matters to you, you’re going to want to make note of this list of some of the largest casinos in the world. This list provides you with the square feet or each facility, as well as the casino’s overall features and interest. That said, this list isn’t all inclusive. Otherwise, it would only consist of casinos in China.

Casino Estoril, Lisbon

Biggest the world
  • Square Feet: 26,900
  • Bars & Restaurants: 10
  • Games Total (Slot and 1Table): 1,235
  • Rooms: 0 (not a hotel)

We’re kicking off this list by starting with the largest casino in Europe. The Casino Estoril is in Lisbon, Portugal, and is often referred to as the ‘Las Vegas’ of Europe. This giant casino, featuring two floors of gaming action, was the very inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel Casino Royale. It may be difficult to gather more information on this casino as their website is exclusively Portuguese, but it’s obvious that this is a full size, legitimate casino with everything one might expect.

Many online reviews attest to the casino’s size and overall beauty. It seems that there is plenty of space on the gaming floor, and it’s a great place to catch a drink late on a weeknight as its main attractions are usually open until 3 am.

Casino Estoril is the largest casino in Europe, but it isn’t a hotel, so you’ll need to book a room at one of the lodgings that are nearby. That said, the Casino Estoril features all the amenities you’d come to expect from any casino hotel including music, dance/night clubs, restaurants, shows, shopping, and a wide variety of gambling options, just no rooms.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

  • Square Feet: 171,500
  • Slot and Table Games: 2,639
  • Bars and Restaurants: 27
  • Rooms: 5,044

The MGM Grand, Las Vegas, is the largest casino hotel in the United States. Not only is the MGM one of the largest casinos on the Las Vegas strip, it’s also one of the greatest hotels in the world with over 5,000 rooms. Your choices of amenities could justify spending a week at this resort alone. You could completely ignore all the other hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas strip and easily have a full and be satisfying Vegas vacations without ever leaving the MGM Grand.

This giant hotel also features impressive restaurants, (Emeril’s, Wolfgang Puck, Pearl, Shibuya, Craftsteak, Joel Robuchon, Hakkasan, and more), signature entertainment attractions, (David Copperfield, Jabbawockeez, Ka, and Brad Garrett’s comedy club), and plenty of options to gamble on the largest gaming floor in all of Las Vegas.

Trilenium Casino, Argentina

  • Square Feet: 180,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 1,975
  • Bars and Restaurants: 5
  • Rooms: 0

Now we’re heading down South to talk about the largest casino in all Latin America, headquartered within the Tigre Resort in Argentina. The Trilenium features three floors of gambling action, and on each floor there’s at least a couple bars or restaurants. The Trilenium Casino doesn’t feature any of its rooms, but several beautiful hotels are located nearby.

The casino itself keeps the local hours of 11 am to 6 am M-W, and then it’s open 24/7 the rest of the week. One of the nicest features of this particular casino that you won’t find in many of the casinos located in the United States is that the entire complex is 100% smoke-free. During the weekends the casino is said to be packed with good-looking locals, and tourists from around the world.

There’s plenty of places within the casino to grab some food, and an occasional performance is hosted there. Overall, even though there isn’t an attached hotel, the Trilenium Casino is very impressive. If you find yourself staying in or around the Tigre area, Latin America’s largest casino is sure to be worth the visit.

Crown Casino, Melbourne

  • Square Feet: 220,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 3,000
  • Bars and Restaurants: Over 50
  • Rooms: 1,604

The Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia is by far one of the largest casinos in the entire Southern hemisphere. It could easily be said that the Crown is fully qualified as a mega resort and tourist destination. It has all the requirements to compete with other resorts around the world including a hotel, spas, restaurants, entertainment, and of course gaming.

The Crown has one of the largest varieties of games available compared to most other large casinos around the world. They offer your standard blackjack tables, craps, poker, pai gow, baccarat, and roulette, but if that wasn’t enough, they also offer exciting new games like ‘Rapid’ Roulette and Baccarat, an electronic Vegas Star Roulette, and a ‘Big Wheel.’ Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the entire basement is a giant poker room. If you like to gamble, and you’re able to afford a trip to Australia, the Crown Casino is a must.

The Crown offers lodging in any of its three luxurious hotels. There’s the Crown Towers (a 5 star rated luxury hotel which overlooks the city center), The Crown Metropol (Australia’s largest hotel by room count), and the Crown Promenade (23 floors of 4.5-star rooms). The hotels are all located in the casino complex, to make it easy to access the casino and other amenities.

One of most beautiful parts of the compound are the water features located throughout, including giant sea inspired walls that span the towers of the hotel. There is also a variety of fountains and other water features such as the “Seasons of Fortune,” Southern Porte Cochere, Revelry, and Celebration.

If the expensive hotel rooms, water features, and more slots than you can play in a weekend isn’t enough for you, The Crown also offers a vast selection of nightclubs, restaurants, and stores.

Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp

  • Square Feet: 266,330
  • Slot and Table Games: 285
  • Bars and Restaurants: 3
  • Rooms: 70

The Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp South Africa is another casino resort monster located in the Southern hemisphere. As they say on their website, “It’s Always Carnival Time at the Rio.” The Rio themed hotels are all usually themed in Rio de Janeiro’s carnival style. This large resort features everything you’d expect including gaming, hotel rooms, entertainment, and plenty of conference space.

One of the unique characteristics of the Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, is the Karamba Grillhouse. This is a restaurant that is intended for meat lovers. The Karamba Grill House serves Their cuts of prime beef, and modern South African dishes in its “cow themed” restaurant.

Gambling at the Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp is a less than unique experience. Their selection of table games and slot machines is typical when compared to the others on our list, but there’s still plenty of action.

MGM Grand, Macau

  • Square Feet: 267,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 1,545
  • Bars and Restaurants: 8
  • Rooms: 600

The MGM Grand, Macau, is another one of the squeaky clean “smoke-free” casinos that seem rare here in the United States. A unique feature of the MGM Grand are the events that they host. One of the big ones is a “Lion Dance Championship” that is an international invitational. The MGM Lion Dance is a sporting event where teams called ‘troupe’ dance with a giant lion; there’s also stunts performed and acrobatics.

It’s often said by visitors that this beautiful hotel in China is the rival of any similar hotel in Las Vegas. It features an excellent art gallery (butterfly garden), a fantastic Cantonese restaurant, and a very well managed casino. The rooms have flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, floor to ceiling windows, and upgraded suites are always available.

Many visitors of the MGM Grand complain about the price points, as it’s also often said that the casino hotel is a bit of a letdown. Sure, it’s bigger than a lot of casinos/hotels in America, but the real opulence and luxury seems to be missing. Instead, they’re soulless art pieces, and high prices.

Casino Ponte 16, Macau

  • Square Feet: 270,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 470
  • Bars and Restaurants: 9
  • Rooms: 408

The Casino Ponte 16, is the French-themed resort among the wannabe Vegas resorts located in Macau, China. It features similar entertainment, a hotel, dining, and gambling options that you’d expect from any world- class casinos.

Part of the main appeal of Casino Ponte 16, Macau is its unique location. This massive casino-hotel is situated directly in Macau’s Harbor, which is widely known as, “The Historic Centre of Macao,” which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The resort was built around the large clock tower located in the harbor by Pier 16. From the hotel, many of the city’s most famous architectural monuments are only a short walk away.

The Casino Ponte 16, is a great place to gamble, but an even better place to eat. Several world-renowned restaurants on site offer top-tier Chinese and French culinary mastery. You can go on a food journey with tastes ranging from home-made style Asian noodles to the very best in French and Mediterranean cuisines.

Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Connecticut

  • Square Feet: 344,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 7,788
  • Bars and Restaurants: 40
  • Rooms: 2,266

The Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard, CT is a resort-style gaming complex made up of seven individual casinos covering a total area of over 9,000 square feet. It’s owned by the local Mashantucket Pequot Indian Tribe, and it’s been in operation since July of 1986.

The size of this casino is monstrous. Foxwoods is well known for the poker room as they had hosted the World Poker Tour, and were formerly the headquarters for the World Poker Tour.

There’s still plenty of poker action at Foxwoods, with over 100 tables dedicated exclusively to poker. If poker isn’t your game, you can find many instances of Baccarat, Bingo, slots, Soc Bo, Pai gow, Keno, Roulette, and of course craps. They really have it all at Foxwoods, and you’re sure to find the action you crave.

Foxwoods is more ‘family friendly’ than many of the resort casinos you’d find around the world. They offer two floors of arcade games for children, along with other family-friendly amenities. As with other casino hotels, they have plenty of food on site including one of the most favored Hard Rock Cafes.

In 2005 there was a $700 million expansion onto the Foxwoods complex; they added the ‘Fox Tower,’ which is a separate venture owned by MGM and MGM Mirage, but it’s practically on the same property. The tower itself hast 53 gaming tables, over 1,000 slot machines, 825 rooms, a 4,000-seat theater, and more than enough restaurants and shops.

There’s also entertainment offered in several venues located throughout the casino. Foxwoods has music, shows, and events that rival even the best casinos, but overall their primary focus seems to be offering an impressive hotel and casino experience, while focusing less on the resort/entertainment aspect of things.

City of Dreams Casino, Macau

Biggest The World

  • Square Feet: 448,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 1,964
  • Bars and Restaurants: 32
  • Rooms: 1,400

The City of Dreams Casino in Macau China is widely known as Macau’s leading leisure and gambling destination, and it is truly a dream to behold. This monster casino resort was built in the style of a podium, with a total of 4 towers. The towers contain the Hard Rock Hotel in one tower, the Crown Towers Hotel in another, and the final two towers house the Grand Hyatt Macau.

Just walking through the soaring architecture is enough to make the visit worthwhile. There are many attractions throughout the casinos properties including ‘Vquarium’ (a video aquarium scene displayed on 60 x 20 ft. video panels), ‘The Bubble Fountain’ (an 8-foot sphere-shaped fountain), or ‘Dancing Water Theatre’ (a show with water, fire, atmospheric and lighting effects) that would could gaze upon as a guest.

The City of Dreams is second in size to only the Venetian Casino-Hotel, located directly across the street. With this casino being one of the largest in China, the available entertainment options are almost too prevalent to list. There over 30 restaurants conveniently located throughout the complex. There’s sure to be one available when the need arises to satisfy any gambler’s hunger. This is also a 2-story shopping space called ‘The Boulevard’ if this mega-resort’s entertainment, restaurants, and gaming weren’t enough.

The Venetian, Macau

  • Square Feet: 546,000
  • Slot and Table Games: 4,200
  • Bars and Restaurants: 53
  • Rooms: 3,000

The Venetian, Macau is the king of the mega-resort style hotel casinos on the Cotai Strip in Macau, China. This casino was designed to emulate its sister casino ‘The Venetian Las Vegas,’ and is currently the largest casino in the world. The building is so big that it’s the greatest single structure hotel building in Asia. This is the big one, the biggest casino ever made.

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The massive casino floor gaming area is broken up into four sections called Golden Fish, Red Dragon, Phoenix, and the Imperial House. It turns out that the biggest casino in the world has accommodations for the some of the world’s biggest pocketbooks. There’s also a ‘high roller’ or ‘premium guest’ area that is divided into private gaming rooms. Each room is named after a favorite Asian city like “Hong Kong” or “Singapore” and offers both privacy and exclusivity from the casinos general population.

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Within the Venetian, there is the Cotai Arena (previously known as the Venetian Arena) which has an overall spectator seating capacity of 15,000. As with the case of other resort-style casinos, the Cotai Arena also hosts sporting events, concerts, and televised award shows.

The Venetian’s super distinguishing feature is its sheer size. Other than that, it’s just another vacation destination for the traveling gambler with its full share of events, hotel rooms, restaurants, and gambling opportunities.

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We’ve covered some of the largest casinos across the globe in our list here, but there are plenty other casinos out there that deserve honorable mention. Simply because a casino is bigger, covers more space, or offers more tables, doesn’t mean it’s your ideal entertainment destination. Use your discretion as to which amenities you prefer when making plans to visit any casino or hotel resort area, and as always, gamble responsibly.