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If you don’t know the blackjack surrender move, we completely understand. The reason why this blackjack move isn’t popular, even with its convenience, is because only the selected tables are offering it. In an online casino, however, finding blackjack variants that have a surrender move is easier because of the filtering option on the page.

Surrender is one of the most misunderstood rules in blackjack. On the surface, it sounds like a weak move; where one is allowed to give up one’s hand early in the game and in exchange for forfeiting half of one’s bet. The hand is never played out. Most players think it’s a sucker bet that favors the casino.

  1. Surrender in blackjack is the option for a player to fold their hand. This process will only penalize the player with half of their original bet. This option is used as a bailout tactic when players feel they are dealt a bad hand.
  2. Surrender is a maneuver that’s available in a few types of variants of Blackjack which are found at both online casinos as well as brick-and-mortar casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City and other gambling meccas around the globe. Typically, the move is exercised when players feel that they have a hand which will not be worth playing out.
  3. Surrender rules are an advantage for the player, in that she can choose to keep half of her original bet rather than play out her hand and lose the entire thing. Blackjack surrenders come in two flavors: early and late. To use the surrender rule to your advantage, it’s important to understand the differences between the two types of surrender.

In reality, it is one of the most powerful and, if played correctly, advantageous rules in blackjack, similar to the “fold” move in poker. It’s actually a great deal, when chances are, you would lose your entire hand by either standing or hitting (such is the case with a player 15 or 16 vs a dealer 10 in games where the dealer stands on soft 17).

These days, the most common version of surrender is “late surrender”, where the dealer checks for a blackjack, and you may only surrender if he doesn’t have it. If he does have it, you lose your entire bet without being given the surrender option. “Early surrender” games, where you are allowed to surrender before the dealer checks his hole card, are very rare in land casinos (not offered in Las Vegas), and we have yet to find this option anywhere online.

When should you use it? If the expectation is to lose more than 50%, you should surrender instead. If you are playing simple basic strategy (not counting cards), SURRENDER in the following games and conditions:

How to use surrender: After the first two cards are dealt and the dealer checks his/her hole card (in late surrender), on your turn, simply drag your pointer finger across the table in front of your cards. You can also say “surrender” to be extra clear. The dealer will take your cards and return half of your bet to you. This concludes your round.

If you use the surrender option correctly in basic strategy, your edge will increase .1%. To determine how other rule options change the casino’s advantage see our Blackjack House Edge Calculator. With counting cards, the edge goes up as the count goes up. Card counters also use surrender to camouflage their play, since most casino officials see it as scared play by amateurs. To find out which casinos are currently offering surrender, visit out Casino Rules & Conditions page. Under the ‘Surrender’ column look for the words ‘LATE’ or ‘EARLY’ which specify the type of surrender of offered.

The greatest advantage of surrender is found when using basic strategy to catch streaks in the game, as in the Easy Money Blackjack System™.

As you already know, there are lots of actions you can take in blackjack online games, right after getting the first two cards. For example, you can “hit” (get one more card), “stand” (no more cards), or “double” (double the initial bet amount).

Blackjack Surrender Vegas

Blackjack surrender is one of these options. Instead of hitting, standing or doubling, you just “surrender”. Surrendered meaning is that you think that the dealer is more likely to reach a higher score than you. So the cards in your hand are not enough to beat the dealer: He has more chances to reach 21 points (or a higher score than you).

In short, you “surrender”: This action means you lost that hand. You think that there is no point in continuing the game, so you will just leave the table and try your luck in the next round.

Blackjack Surrender House Edge

However, by surrendering, you also get half of your initial wager back. So, for example, if your bet was 10 EUR, you get 5 EUR of it after surrendering. In short, your loss will only be 5 EUR. And this is the “secret” of the blackjack surrender game.

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Blackjack Surrender Strategy Chart

If you use this correctly, sometimes getting the half of your initial bet will be the better result and may result in more winnings. This is the basic answer to in blackjack what is surrender question, and we will further explain it below.