Casino Prom Theme Ideas


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Casino Prom Theme Ideas

Get out those cards and chips! It’s time for a Casino Night Post-Prom – a sure hit with every student who loves games. Start your planning with our party tips below!



To create an authentic casino environment, ask your helpers to dress in black pants and white shirts. Also provide each with the inexpensive Casino Dealer’s Vest and transparent green visor.

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We have everything you’ll need for a Casino Post-Prom . . . casino game layouts, fun attire, giant dice, a roulette wheel set, play money, poker chips, croup sticks, loads of theme decorations and favors! Below are some decorating ideas.

• Use black, white, and a touch of red for your decorating color scheme.
• Set up casino and card games around the room and scatter Black Jack confetti all around them.
• Use chips and cards as decorating accents.
• Hit the jackpot with huge dice, playing cards, slot machines and more Casino Event Theme decorations from Stumps Prom & Party.


Instead of handing out traditional favors, have your guests win various prizes throughout the night!
• Prizes can be small but fun … a dice set, a deck of cards, card suit candles or some fuzzy dice to hang in the car.
• For a different wrap up to the evening altogether, top it off with an auction of either fun and/or inexpensive prizes, or with “White Elephant” items. Let students get wild bidding on the items with their winnings – everyone can go home with something!


For some exciting Casino Night activities try some of these suggestions:

• Upon their arrival, give students a large supply of chips or play money. At a designated quitting time, you have two options for prize distribution. Award prizes to those with the most chips at the end of the evening, and also consider some other prize categories for the unlucky, or unskilled!
• Encourage students to give all the games of chance a try. . . roulette, craps, and blackjack.
• Set up a couple of corner tables for friendly games of poker and bridge.
• Add other fun games of chance like Crazy Eight’s, Checkers, Backgammon, UNO or Bingo!
• If you are interested in adding a slot machine, some vending machine dealers (you would need to check with a local company) will rent them for a short period of time.


For your event, have lots of “finger food”, arranged on tables scattered throughout the room. Students can eat or snack between games, and the festivities of the evening won’t be disrupted.

Casino Prom Theme Ideas Theme


• Mini-sandwiches, chips, nuts, and pretzels are all good snacks to serve.
• Make sure you have lots of punch, soda, water, and other beverages on hand throughout the evening!

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