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I've racked my brain about this for weeks, and cannot come up with a solution that would validate a coin as a manufactured coin mechanism would. I ended up buying a coin mech, mostly to see how it works and see if there is any kind of DIY solution to it, but it just doesn't look like there is one - it's too mechanical and there is too much bent. The bottom shelf, if it interferes with the coin slot, you can cut it. Mine was level with the viewing hole so I had to cut a small hole in one of them (will be easier to view in a later step) for the coin to go through the hole into the collection box (next step).

  1. The coin mechanism of claim 7 in which the cam projects from a cam disc rotatably fixed to the shaft. The coin mechanism of claim 7 in which the cam is provided with a sloped leading portion. The coin mechanism of claim 7 in which the cam has a length substantially equal to a length of the coin slot.
  2. The coin mechanism is ready. There are two boxes below the coin mechanism. One holds the rejected coins and the other one holds the quarters. An optical switch can be installed at the 'coin ramp' so each time a quarter falls it sends a signal and activate a microcontroller or electronic project.
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As a laundromat owner you know there is nothing more frustrating than having a coin jammed in one of your machines. Whether the cause of the jam is a damaged coin or a worn out slide mechanism, remedying the problem can be easy if you know how to take the machine apart to get to the stuck coin. If you need a new or used vended dryer or vended commercial washer in Charleston, SC, make the call to T & L Laundry Equipment for big savings.

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Ideally, a stuck coin should dislodge from the chute with a press of the coin return button. However, when that doesn't do the trick, there are a few tried and true things you can try to get that coin to move before you take the assembly apart.

  • Put another coin into the slot and attempt to use this action to dislodge the stuck coin.
  • Slap the side of the machine where the coin slot is located to get the coin to move.
  • Place a piece of wood or something to protect the finish of the machine and tap on the wood with a hammer to unjam the coin. Use caution not to hammer so hard that you cause damage to the machine. A gentle vibration may loosen the coin.
  • If the coin has tipped inside the coin slot, the coin slot may not move. Using a utility knife to push the coin upright may allow it to pass through normally.
  • Attempt to pull the coin out of the slot with tweezers.

If the coin slide, rather than the coin, is the issue you may need to disassemble the coin acceptor. Follow these steps to correct the issue:

  • Remove the coin store tray and empty it. Check to see if anything is blocking the coin shoot inside.
  • Take off the maintenance panel on the top face of the coin slide housing. The panel is usually locked in the back with a key.
  • Remove the long bolt that runs from the maintenance panel to the front of the housing.
  • Disconnect any wiring from the slot mechanism and carefully free the mechanism from the housing.
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The offending coin or debris should be able to be clearly seen at this point. Once you have cleared the slot, test the mechanism with a fresh coin before you reassemble the mechanism.


It is important to note the placement of any nuts, screws, connections, or other parts as you disassemble the coin slide. If the problem continues, the mechanism may need to be replaced. The good news is that since you know how to remove it, you can replace it.

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Diy Coin Slot Mechanism Hardware

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We see a lot of arcade game projects here at Hackster; however, almost all of them are the video game type. But, as anyone who has been to an arcade knows, some of the most fun games don’t use video at all, and instead rely on good old fashioned mechanics. The classic coin pusher is one example that’s been a staple of arcades around the world for decades, and now you can build your own with this handy DIY kit.

Diy Coin Slot Mechanism Games

If you’re not familiar with the game, it works something like this: players drop coins through a Plinko-like slot so that they land on a platform crowded with other coins. An oscillating pusher then shoves the coins towards a chute where they can be retrieved. The goal is to get the pusher to eject more coins than you put in. At a real arcade, that can quickly become an expensive endeavor, but with this kit you can play endlessly at home — or just take your friends’ spare change.

The kit from Retro Built Games is a frame constructed of laser-cut birch plywood and acrylic. You’ll need to supply your own electronics, like an Arduino, power supply, and motor if you want it to push automatically. Or, it can be cranked by hand if you want to keep it simple. The kit is designed to work with pennies, but you can use anything that’s that size or smaller if you live somewhere that’s not the US — or use dimes to increase the stakes!

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