Every Craps Bet

The Any Craps bet is yet another popular craps wager that often goes by the name of “Three Way”.

Considered by many a “bail-out bet”, it is sometimes used by players as somewhat of insurance to offset their losses on the pass line. It bet can be placed at all times and does not require one to wait for the come-out roll of the dice to pass.

Lastly, a 6 Number Fire Bet will happen 0.0162% of the time, or once every 6,156 shooters. So if you bet $1 every single shooter, (theoretically), you would win the 6 point Fire Bet once every $6,156 bet. The problem is that you would be paid $1,000 for winning. Casinos offering the Fire Bet in Craps. I will hop bet if the man/woman who is making a fortune at the table is doing it. A while back, I was at a table and was getting nowhere with regular bets. Meanwhile this other player was up a grand by making hops and any craps bets, parlaying them. Hopped the 4, 5, and 9 for thirty bucks and basically did every stupid move I.

Some players prefer to avoid it, however, as it has a significant house edge attached to it causing them to suffer losses even when their Any Craps bets win.

Craps Check: Betting on any craps during the come out roll to hedge your pass line bet. Don't Come bet: A don't pass bet made after the point is established. Don't Pass bet: A bet that the shooter will not make his point. Double odds: An odds bet that is twice the size of the original pass/come bet. Some casinos offer higher odds.


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The Any Craps Bet Explained

The name of the wager indicates players are betting one of the three craps numbers will be rolled on the next throw of the dice.

Any Craps bets are not self-service bets which means the only person who is permitted to place chips on the layout for this type of wager is the stickman. Due to security reasons, players are not allowed to have hand-to-hand contact with any member of the table's staff.

One important thing to consider with craps is the etiquette you are required to comply with while at the table. The correct way to place this bet is to toss your chips in the center section of the layout and then ask the stickman to position them in the Any Craps box. Players are advised to toss their chips very lightly out of consideration for the table's staff as the latter will fail to appreciate it if you knock any other chips out of position when you're tossing yours.

Similarly to the Any Seven bet, the Any Craps is a one-roll bet so whether a player wins or loses is determined by the next dice roll.

The dice are not necessarily required to have “come out” in order for you to bet on Any Craps. While only one roll of the dice is necessary to determine the outcome, Any Craps is considered a multiple-way bet since players are betting on several possible outcomes of the dice roll. Thus, your Any Craps bet will win as long as one of the three craps numbers 2, 3 or 12 is rolled on the shooter's next toss. When a craps number fails to show, players lose their bets.

Very often inexperienced players tend to confuse this type of bet with the so-called “seven-out”, but the two are fundamentally different.

When seven-outs are rolled, they end one shooter's round and indicate the start of another pass line round. The use of proper terminology while at the table is essential, first of all, because it helps both the staff and other players to avoid confusion. Then again, if you improperly substitute one term for another on a regular basis, the staff will quickly discern you are lacking experience and might attempt to lure you into placing higher house advantage bets.

Odds for the Any Craps Bet

What are the odds of winning with an Any Craps bet?

To answer this question, one needs to consider the number of possible combinations that add up to the three craps numbers' totals. Thus, both 2 and 12 have only one combination that adds up to their total – 1-1 and 6-6, while the number 3 has two combinations 1-2 and 2-1. This makes for a total of four winning combinations.

From this, it follows there are only four possible ways to win as opposed to the 32 combinations that will result in a loss with this bet. Logically, payouts for Any Craps bets should be equal to 8 to 1 as 32 divided by 4 is 8.

However, things tend to be a bit unfair with this type of wager.

Winning Any Craps bets have payouts listed as 8 for 1 in most instances. Pay attention to the phrasing as 8 for 1 indicates you will receive $7 for your $1 winning bet – the house keeps players' initial wagers. It turns out Any Craps practically pays out 7:1 and not 8:1 like many inexperienced players tend to think.

However, it is possible to take down your initial Any Craps bet.

Let's assume you have placed $5 on Any Craps and you win, your profits will then amount to $35 instead of $40 since your initial $5 bet is multiplied by the number 7. The remaining $5 are left in the Any Craps box for the next dice roll. If you are not satisfied with this proposition, you can turn to the stickman and ask him to remove your chips from the table, in which case the dealer will pay you out the entire $40 you have won, but will keep the $5 bet from the table's layout.

This type of bet boasts a big built-in advantage for the house.


All Craps Bets Explained

To determine the house edge for this bet players can simply calculate what percentage is 4 (the number of winning combinations for Any Craps) out of 36, which is the number of all possible combinations. So the house edge for Any Craps bets is equal to 11.11%, meaning that players will lose $11.11 per every $100 Any Craps wager they place.

Every Craps Bet Explained


As you can see for yourselves, Any Craps bets have a significant house edge that works to players' disadvantage even when they are winning. Experienced players often resort to the Any Craps bets as a means to hedge their flat Pass Line bets.

Every Craps Bet You Can Make

One example of this would be to place a $10 flat Pass Line bet and $1 on Any Craps. Thus, if a craps number is rolled on the come-out of the dice, the player will lose their $10 on the pass line, but will win $7 with their Any Craps bet which is still a consolation of some sort.

Every Craps Bet Explained

Nevertheless, craps novices are recommended to avoid this combination or to stick predominantly to Pass Line and Come/Don't Come bets since these have the lowest house edge.