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EXCELAIR air outlets are the latest addition to the extensive product range manufactured by the CMS Group and are designed to exceed the expectation of air distribution requirements of commercial and domestic users. The range of versatile designed grilles and diffuser provide for adjustable panels which help to control and adjust vertical projections to horizontal circulation, adaptable for both variable and constant air volume systems and are available in both square and round profiles. EXCELAIR air outlets are manufactured from quality assured aluminum profiles available in finishes of minor polish, satin, statuary bronze anodized and other anodized finishes.


Flowtech Slot Diffuser Catalogue has been completely renovated into an adult-exclusive property reserved for guests ages 21 and up, offering you a relaxing and refreshing escape. You’re also connected to the region’s largest gaming floor! Flowtech Air Distribution Specialist. DUBAI Showroom, Al Qusais P. Box 1871, Dubai U.A.E. Tel: +971 4 2582640. The FlowLine™ FLH Series continuous slot diffuser is designed primarily for ceiling applications. The adjustable pattern controllers, which are easily adjusted from the face, allow the discharge air to be directed to the left or right as well as downward. A Vairtech slot diffuser is a building component used to deliver air to a room. These diffusers serve as a critical component in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Unlike traditional square or round diffusers, a slot diffuser features a long, narrow design.

FLH Series:

Flowtech Slot Diffuser Catalogue

Designed primarily for continuous linear slot ceiling applications requiring horizontal air patterns. Tight, high induction air pattern maximises coanda effect under a wide range of airflow volumes for maximum occupant comfort. Typical applications would include open office perimeter zones, entrance foyers and lobbies, office entrance atriums and conference meeting rooms.
Adjustable Dual Pattern Controllers

Horizontal High Throw Series:

Pattern controllers provide 180O directional control; left or right horizontal throw, angular discharge, volume control and shut-off capability.

FLV Series:

Flowtech slot diffusersFlowtech Slot Diffuser

Flowtech Slot Diffusers

Designed primarily for continuous linear slot ceiling applications requiring an adjustable extended throw vertical air pattern. Typical applications would include perimeter glass curtain walls and high bays for heated and/or cooled air, which may be directed downwards, terminating at the floor at a comfortable velocity. Also suitable for interior zones with high ceilings, such as entrance foyers and lobbies, office entrance atriums and theatres.

This model may also be used in high sidewall applications with long throw requirements.