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  • Fortune Bay’s Poker Room will take a 10% rake, with a max of $4 per hand on all games offered. For each pot that is $15 or more. $1 will be dropped for the poker room player pool.
  • Rabbit hunting is not permitted in Fortune Bay’s Poker Room.
  • Management reserves the right to make decisions in the spirit of fairness, even if a strict interpretation of the rules may indicate a different ruling.
  • Decisions of the supervisor are final.
  • Verbal declaration in turn is binding (Check, raise, fold, or call).
  • String bets/String raises are not allowed.
  • Any bet must be made in one forward motion. Angle shooting is not permitted and is subject to dismissal from the poker room.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to protect their own action at all times by stopping the action before two or more players act behind them.
  • Management reserves the right to require any two players to play at different tables.
  • English will be the only language allowed in the poker room.
  • Players must keep their cards and chips in full view at all times.
  • Cash does NOT play. The only time cash is allowed on the table is if it is about to be
    exchanged for chips.
  • Only one (1) player per hand.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to protect their cards at all times.
  • Abusive language or behavior in the poker room is not tolerated. This includes, but not limited to, excessive use of profanity, creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise, verbally or physically threatening any patron or employee.
  • Fortune Bay’s Poker Room is a tobacco free environment. Pipes, cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, spittoons, vapes, and e-cigarettes are prohibited.
  • Players are obligated to protect the other players at the table at all times. Therefore, whether in a hand or not, players may not disclose live or folded hands, comment on any action before the hand is complete, read a hand that hasn’t been tabled.
  • Management reserves the right to remove you from the poker room if they deem your “table talk” unfair to the game.

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'Fortune' is a side bet in Pai Gow Poker that pays based on the value of the player's seven cards. It doesn't not matter how the player sets his hand. In addition, if another player has a four of a kind or better the player making the Fortune bet will get an 'Envy Bonus.' At every table I have seen there is a $5 minimum and the Envy Bonus is a fixed amount.

Following are pay tables that I am aware of, based on the player's own hand. Wins are on a 'to one' basis.

Fortune Pay TablesExpand

HandPay Table
Natural 7 Card S/F5,000 to 18,000 to 15,000 to 12,500 to 15,000 to 15,000 to 18000 to 11000 to 1
Royal Flush + R/M1,000 to 12,000 to 12,000 to 11,000 to 12,000 to 11,000 to 12000 to 1750 to 1
Wild 7 Card S/F750 to 11,000 to 11,000 to 1750 to 11,000 to 1500 to 11000 to 1500 to 1
5 Aces250 to 1400 to 1400 to 1250 to 1400 to 1300 to 1400 to 1250 to 1
Royal Flush100 to 1150 to 1150 to 1125 to 1150 to 1110 to 1100 to 1150 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 150 to 150 to 150 to 150 to 145 to 130 to 150 to 1
4 of a Kind20 to 125 to 125 to 125 to 125 to 125 to 120 to 125 to 1
Full House5 to 15 to 15 to 15 to 15 to 15 to 15 to 15 to 1
Flush4 to 14 to 14 to 14 to 14 to 14 to 14 to 14 to 1
3 of a Kind3 to 13 to 13 to 13 to 13 to 13 to 13 to 13 to 1
Straight2 to 12 to 12 to 12 to 12 to 12 to 12 to 12 to 1
Three PairPushLossLossLossLossLossLoss1 to 1

The next table shows the Envy Bonus for each paytable.

Fortune Envy BonusesExpand

HandPay Table
Natural 7 Card S/F$1000$5000$3000$1000$2500$2500$5000$500
Royal Flush + R/M$250$1000$1000$750$500$500$1000$250
Wild 7 Card S/F$100$500$500$250$250$250$500$150
5 Aces$50$250$250$100$150$150$250$100
Royal Flush$25$50$50$50$55$55$50$50
Straight Flush$10$20$20$20$25$25$20$20
4 of a Kind$5$5$5$5$6$6$5$5

The next table shows the number of combinations, probability, and contribution to the return for each hand, under pay table 2, which I believe to be the most popular. The lower left cell shows a house edge of 7.77% before considering the Envy Bonus.

Pay Table 2 -- Return Table

Natural seven-card straight flush8,000320.000000210.00166079
Royal Flush + R/M2,000720.000000470.00093420
Wild seven-card straight flush1,0001960.000001270.00127155
Five Aces4001,1280.000007320.00292715
Royal Flush15026,0200.000168800.02532063
Straight flush50184,6440.001197870.05989370
Four of a Kind25307,4720.001994720.04986795
Full house54,188,5280.027172990.13586494
Three of a kind37,672,5000.049775180.14932555
Three pair-12,862,0000.01856717-0.01856717
All other-1121,694,1960.78948855-0.78948855

The next table shows the return table for the Envy Bonus under pay table 2, based on a $5 bet. The lower right cell shows that each additional player at the table is worth 0.93%, based on a $5 bet. If the player bets more than $5 the value of the Envy Bonus equals 0.04634162/b, where b is the amount bet.

Envy Return Table -- Paytable 2

Natural seven-card straight flush$5,000320.000000210.00020760
Royal Flush + R/M$1,000720.000000470.00009342
Wild seven-card straight flush$5001960.000001270.00012715
Five Aces$2501,1280.000007320.00036589
Royal Flush$5026,0200.000168800.00168804
Straight flush$20184,6440.001197870.00479150
Four of a Kind$5307,4720.001994720.00199472
Fortune poker menuFortune poker casino

The next table shows the contribution for each hand under all seven pay tables, before considering the Envy Bonus.

Fortune PokerFortune poker seattle

Fortune Pai Gow Poker Return — Expected ReturnsExpand

HandPay Table
7 Card Straight Flush0.0010380.0016610.0010380.0005190.0010380.0010380.0016610.000208
Royal Flush + Royal Match0.0004670.0009340.0009340.0004670.0009340.0004670.0009340.00035
7 Card Straight Flush with Joker0.0009540.0012720.0012720.0009540.0012720.0006360.0012720.000636
5 Aces0.0018290.0029270.0029270.0018290.0029270.0021950.0029270.001829
Royal Flush0.016880.0253210.0253210.0211010.0253210.0185680.016880.025321
Straight Flush0.0598940.0598940.0598940.0598940.0598940.0539040.0359360.059894
4 of a Kind0.0398940.0498680.0498680.0498680.0498680.0498680.0398940.049868
Full House0.1358650.1358650.1358650.1358650.1358650.1358650.1358650.135865
3 of a Kind0.1493260.1493260.1493260.1493260.1493260.1493260.1493260.149326
Three Pair0-0.018567-0.018567-0.018567-0.018567-0.018567-0.0185670.018567
All Other-0.789489-0.789489-0.789489-0.789489-0.789489-0.789489-0.789489-0.789489

Fortune poker room

The next table shows the return table for the Envy Bonus, based on a $5 bet. The bottom row shows how much the house edge is reduced for each other player at the table.

Fortune Pai Gow Poker Envy Bonus — Expected ReturnsExpand

HandPay Table
7 Card Straight Flush0.0000420.0002080.0001250.0000420.0001040.0001040.0002080.000021
Royal Flush + Royal Match0.0000230.0000930.0000930.000070.0000470.0000470.0000930.000023
7 Card Straight Flush with Joker0.0000250.0001270.0001270.0000640.0000640.0000640.0001270.000038
5 Aces0.0000730.0003660.0003660.0001460.000220.000220.0003660.000146
Royal Flush0.0008440.0016880.0016880.0016880.0018570.0018570.0016880.001688
Straight Flush0.0023960.0047910.0047910.0047910.0059890.0059890.0047910.004791
4 of a Kind0.0019950.0019950.0019950.0019950.0023940.0023940.0019950.001995

The next table shows the house edge for each pay table by total players (including yourself).

Fortune Poker Seattle

Fortune Bet Overall House EdgeExpand

Pay Table

Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive -- Version 1

I have an unconfirmed report that the following pay table is offered in Washington State. The bet amount is $1, nd there is no Envy Bonus. The following return table shows the return from the fixed wins only is 48.45%. For every $10,000 in the meter, the return will go up by 0.76%. The break-even meter (when there is no house edge) is $679,171.90

Fortune Pai Gow Poker House Edge

7 Card Straight Flush100% of meter320.000000210
Royal Flush + Royal Match50% of meter720.000000470
7 Card Straight Flush with Joker25% of meter1960.000001270
5 Aces250011280.000007320.01829469
Royal Flush200260200.00016880.03376084
Straight Flush1001846440.001197870.11978741
4 of a Kind753074720.001994720.14960386
Full House641885280.027172990.16303793
All Other01494349880.969456350

Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive - Version 2

This is a $1 progressive jackpot bet I have seen at the Wynn, Rampart, Golden Nugget, and Suncoast casinos. Wins are paid on a 'for one' basis, in other words the player doesn't get his bet back if he wins. The return column shows the return for only fixed wins. In other words, not including the top two awards, the player can expect to get back 46.27% of his money back.

Fortune Pai Gow Poker House Edge

Seven-card straight flushJackpot2280.000001?
Five aces10% of jackpot1,1280.000007?
Royal flush$50026,0920.0001690.084636
Straight flush$100184,6440.0011980.119787
Four of a kind$75307,4720.0019950.149604
Full house$44,188,5280.0271730.108692

The value of the jackpot is 2.21% for each $10,000 in the meter. The break-even meter (where there house edge is exactly zero) is $243,011.06. I have yet to see a jackpot get anywhere near this high.

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