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  • Austin Casino Cruises is located in Austin. Their exact address is: 2215 Westlake Dr. You can reach them at (512) 328-9898.
  • Casinos near Austin, TX Browse URComped’s up-to-date list of the 35 closest casinos to Austin, TX There are no casinos within a 30 minute drive of Austin, TX but you can see a full list of casinos and their driving distance from Austin, TX below.

Texas was the 28th state to join the United States and has earned a reputation for being one of the most business-friendly states in the country.

Yet, to this day, Texas remains the state least likely to legalize online gambling in the US.

Gambling Casino In Austin Texas

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Currently, online gambling is illegal in The Lone Star state. Brick and mortar casinos built in the state are also deemed to be illegal.

However, there are still a few ways you can gamble legally in the state:

  • Indian Casinos
  • Boat Cruise Casinos
  • Horse and Dog Tracks
  • Lottery/Raffles

Online Casinos in Texas

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like online casinos will ever be legalized in Texas. The government is very opposed to the idea and dismisses any attempts at trying to regulate it.

That being said, there are still options for those who want to play casino games for real money! Texas allows sweepstakes which means you can play slots online and potentially win cash.

You can also participate in legal online poker games through sweepstakes sites or Daily Fantasy Sports leagues. The state tends to move quite slow when it comes to gambling laws, land andonline, so we don't expect much out of Texas.

Gambling casino in austin texas with slot machines

Land-Based Casinos in Texas

There are two Indian casinos and one casino boat in Texas.

Both Indian casinos offer class II gaming machines based on bingo. Class II video gaming devices in Texas casinos look like slot machines but are actually bingo games and the spinning reels arefor “entertainment purposes only.”

No public information is available concerning the payback percentages on any gaming machines in Texas casinos. Unlike the casinos in Texas, in many states, the slot machine payback statisticsfor that particular state’s casinos are released as a matter of public record. Just click here to seea list of slot machine payback statistics for all U.S. casinos.

If you are looking for Texas casinos near Houston this is your best bet. While Houston has no casinos, Jacks or Better Casino is only about an hour away.

Types of Casinos in Texas

Currently, there are only 2 land-based casinos in operation in the state of Texas. Both of these are owned, operated, and built on Native American territories. There is also one casino cruiseship, and horse tracks which accept parimutuel betting.

Indian Casinos

Under federal law, all Native American territories are considered to be independent and operate under their own jurisdiction.

However, ever since the 'Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act' came into play in 1988, the government of Texas has been trying to change this. A campaign was launched within the court system toshut down all forms of gambling, specific to those on Native American soil within the state.

The state of Texas argues that the 'Federal Restoration Act' of 1987, which officially recognized the Tigua and Alabama - Coushatta tribes, should take legal priority. Why? Because this billexplicitly prohibits gambling.

One of the Indian casinos in Texas, Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino, offers pull-tab machines, bingo, and poker. That casino is the larger of the two casinos in Texas. It has a hotel, fiverestaurants, and a casino with 3,300 gaming machines.

The other casino, Naskila Gaming, does not have a hotel. It has one cafe and more than 800 gaming machines.

Both of these casinos are open 24 hours daily.

Casino Cruise Ship

The casino boat, Jacks or Better Casino, is based in Galveston. The boat sails nine miles out into the Gulf of Mexico where casino gambling is permitted.

The casino boat offers blackjack, craps, roulette, three card poker, a sportsbook, slots, and video poker. You must provide a photo ID or you won’t be allowed to board.

Parimutuel Wagering

Surprisingly, Texas does allow residents to wager at horse and dog tracks in the state.

Horse Tracks

The horse tracks are broken down into Classes:

Class 1 horse tracks:

  • Lone Star Park - Grand Prairie
  • Retama Park - Selma
  • Sam Houston Race Park - Houston

Gambling Casino In Austin Texas Hill Country

These tracks are allowed to host races as many times as they would like.

Class 2 horse tracks have yet to be built in Texas. Multiple tracks are in the works, and once open, will be permitted to host up to 60 race days a year.

Class 3 horse tracks:

  • Gillespie County Fair - Fredericksburg

Currently, this is the only Class 3 horse track that operates in Texas. The Texas Racing Commission allows Class 3 tracks to host up to 16 race days a year.

There are no Class 4 horse tracks in Texas.

Greyhound Tracks

Texas has three greyhound tracks, as permitted by the Texas Racing Commission. Dog racing isn't nearly as popular as horse racing in the state, but still offers residents the chance to watchraces live or virtually. The most popular greyhound track is the Gulf Greyhound Park, located in La Marque.

Texas residents can also visit the following greyhound tracks:

  • Valley Race Park - Harlingen
  • Gulf Coast Racing - Corpus Christi

List of Land-Based Casinos In Texas

Shown below is a list of all casinos in Texas. Click on a casino name below to see a page of detailed information about all Texas casinos.

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

  • 794 Lucky Eagle Dr, Eagle Pass, TX 78852
  • 1 830-773-2255
  • Games: 3,000 slots and 1 poker room

Naskila Gaming

  • 540 State Park Rd 56, Livingston, TX 77351
  • 1 936-563-2946
  • Games: 800 slots

Texas Land-Based Casinos Map



Introduction to Texas Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

Texas slot machine casino gambling consists of two American Indian tribal casinos with Class II competition-style or bingo-style electronic gaming machines. Carnival cruise ships offer onboard casinos when traveling to international destinations.

Texas does not have theoretical payout limits at its tribal casinos. No return statistics are publicly available.

This post continues my weekly State-By-State Slot Machine Casino Gambling Series, an online resource dedicated to guiding slot machine casino gambler to success. Now in its third year, each weekly post reviews slots gambling in a single U.S. state, territory, or federal district.

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Relevant Legal Statutes on Gambling in Texas*

The minimum legal gambling age in Texas depends upon the gambling activity:

  • Land-Based Casinos: 21
  • Poker Rooms: 21
  • Bingo: 21 in casinos, 18 in churches, and less than 18 with an adult
  • Lottery: 18
  • Pari-Mutuel Wagering: 18

The Texas government and the state’s three federally-recognized tribes have, so far, been unable to negotiate tribal-state compacts. Without these gaming compacts, Texas prohibits tribal casinos from having Class III Vegas-style electronic gaming machines.

However, Texas tribal casinos can offer Class II bingo-style machines. Although these machines appear as traditional slot machines, they are not Class III machines. Players compete for prizes against other players throughout a casino’s gaming floor.

There have been substantial lawsuits by the Texas government to shut down tribal casinos offering Class II gaming, with some successes. Various court filings and rulings regarding the legality of tribal casinos in Texas have continued since the late 1980s.

Texas challenges the legality of the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 based on the argument that the federal Restoration Act of 1987 takes legal precedence. This somewhat earlier Restoration Act gave federal recognition to the Tigua and Alabama-Coushatta tribes while also explicitly forbidding gambling.

None of the pari-mutual racetracks in Texas offer electronic gaming machines.

*The purpose of this section is to inform the public of state gambling laws and how the laws might apply to various forms of gaming. It is not legal advice.

Slot Machine Private Ownership in Texas

It is legal to own a slot machine privately in the state of Texas without restriction on its date of manufacture.

Gaming Control Board in Texas

Texas does not have a state gaming commission as it prohibits non-tribal casinos. No tribal-state gaming compact exists. However, the Texas Lottery Commission exists and operates the Texas Lottery.

Casinos in Texas

There are two American Indian tribal casinos in Texas as well as up to five international cruise ships with onboard casinos.

The largest casino in Texas is Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel with 3,300 gaming machines.

The second-largest casino is Naskila Gaming with 365 gaming machines.

Commercial Casinos in Texas

The commercial casinos available in Texas are up to five cruise ships. Onboard casinos are only open while in international waters.

Carnival Cruise Lines operates these cruise ships sailing out of the Port of Galveston.

Tribal Casinos in Texas

The two tribal casinos in Texas are:

  • Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel in Eagle Pass located 143 miles southwest from San Antonio.
  • Naskila Gaming in Livingston located 74 miles north-northeast from Houston.

Other Gambling Establishments

As an alternative to enjoying Texas slot machine casino gambling, consider exploring casino options in a nearby state. Bordering Texas is:

  • North: Oklahoma Slots
  • East, Arkansas Slots, Louisiana Slots, and the Gulf of Mexico
  • South: The country of Mexico
  • North and West: New Mexico Slots

Each of the links above will take you to my blog for that neighboring U.S. state to Texas.

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Gambling Casino In Austin Texas

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Payout Returns in Texas


Texas has no theoretical payout limits established as the state prohibits slot machines. Further, no return statistics are available.

Summary of Texas Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

Texas slot machine casino gambling consists of two American Indian tribal casinos offering bingo-style video gaming machines. The Port of Galveston offers Carnival cruise ships with onboard casinos open while sailing in international waters.

Neither theoretical payouts nor return statistics exist as Texas prohibits land-based casinos with Vegas-style slot machines.

Annual Progress in Texas Slot Machine Casino Gambling

In the last year, there has been little to no change in the slots gaming industry in Texas.

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