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This part of our website gives you information about gaming machine societies that distribute grants to community groups.

  • Pokie Proceeds: Building Strong Communities
    Stories and tips from organisations which have applied for gaming machine grants
  • How to Apply for Funding
  • Contact Addresses of Gaming Machine Societies
  • Other Funding Information and Options

The Local Government Limited Gaming Impact Program was created to provide financial assistance to local governments in addressing documented gaming impacts stemming from limited stakes gaming in the communities of Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City. The Manitoba Gambling Research Program supports the development of high quality research that enables the evidence-based advancement of responsible gambling programs, and problem gambling prevention and treatment. A Research Council, consisting of community members and provincial gambling stakeholders, oversaw the $1 million annual research fund. March Gaming Fund will lead approximately 12 to 15 investments in gaming and will provide capital, connections and guidance to entrepreneurs in this arena, Gregory said. Each investment will be. Gambling Community Benefit Fund Not-for-profit groups operating in Queensland can apply for grants from $500 to $35,000 through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF). This fund is Queensland's largest one-off community grants program, distributing approximately $57 million per year. The remaining 88 percent of the tribe’s total annual contribution goes to the Arizona Benefits Fund on a quarterly basis and provides funding for ADG and its Division of Problem Gambling. The remaining funds are directed towards instructional improvement for schools, trauma and emergency care, tourism, and wildlife conservation as detailed in.

Pokie Proceeds: Building Strong Communities

This online booklet includes stories and tips on how best to apply for pokie grants. It showcases ten organisations which have used gaming machine grants and tells the stories of why they applied for a grant, challenges they faced, what the money was put to and tips for other applicants (download the PDF below).

FundingPokie Proceeds: Building Strong Communities (PDF, 5.7MB)

How to Apply for Funding

Application forms are available from societies (typically via a website), some community networks like Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, and often at gaming machine venues.
You must send your application directly to the society and not through a venue. Also, the society must deal with you directly and not communicate with you through the venue.
If you have difficulties getting an application form or believe that a venue or society has broken the rules, please contact the Gambling Compliance Group.

Contact Addresses of Gaming Machine Societies

FundingUse the map or links below to access the contact addresses of gaming machine societies in your area and around New Zealand.
Alternatively, see a List of Society Websites. This information is updated regularly.
Note: Information available on this page does not provide details of all gaming machine societies. Only those gaming machine societies that invite grant applications from the public are listed. Clubs operating gaming machines generally do not make grants to the public. Instead, they use gaming machine funds for club purposes which are Authorised Purposes under the Gambling Act 2003.
If you require statistical information about all gaming machine societies, see our Gambling Statistics page.

Glossary of Terms

Societies: These are the organisations that own and operate gaming machines and make grants to non-profit community organisations.
Venues: Formerly 'Sites', these are the pubs and other venues where gaming machines are located. They do not own the machines and must not be involved in decisions about who can apply for grants, who receives them or how much the grant should be.
Authorised Purposes: These are the purposes for which societies can make grants. Different societies have different authorised purposes, but all must benefit the community. You can find out about each society’s authorised purposes by clicking on a region on the map below. More information about Authorised Purposes.
Bay of Plenty
Hawkes Bay
West Coast

Other Funding Information and Options

Gambling Funding Grants 2020

You can also check out further information and funding options using the links below.
  • A range of grants and fellowships are available to support local initiatives and community services - visit
  • See also our Good practice funding guide

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