Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons

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Sports Betting Is An Extremely Advanced Industry. The gambling industry is known as one of the most powerful in the world. And we don’t just mean Las Vegas with its flashy neon signs. In addition to those that are already well known to us – the illegal betting industry is also flourishing. Once little more than a conceptual curiosity, cryptocurrency has become an everyday reality for millions of consumers around the world. This $250 billion market. Gambling should be banned as it slowly becomes as addiction and people most of the time tends to lose money. Such a malpractice is not acceptable under legal cover. The creaters of law need to be vigilant enough to check the sect of people who get into offline and online gambling.

Many may not be aware that betting on sporting events in the world has been practiced for centuries. Let’s be honest, as long as there are sports – sports betting will exist around the world despite bans in some countries. In this text, we’ll try to point out some pros and cons of legalizing sports betting.

Betting As A Mean Of Entertainment And A Way Of Making Profits

Today you can bet on almost all sports – but also many other things including phenomena from public life. All you have to do is go to the first sports betting place, study the offer and place a bet. Technological advances have made it possible for you to do the same from home, over the Internet, or by telephone – which is the last known phase of activity that has lasted for two hundred years.

History Of Sports Betting

The beginnings of professional sports betting are related to horse racing and England at the dawn of the 19th century. The English, however, organized the races much earlier. The inhabitants of the Island loved horses, races, and the excitement they bring with them – so they bet regularly, but more recreationally. More serious betting began only around 1800 when the organization of equestrian races was established.

What did it look like then?

In those times it was a bit different. The bettor would place a bet on the horse to the bookmaker and wait for the end of the race. Each bookmaker used to calculate the payout according to its own rules. The basic principles they were guided by were the assessment of the desired percentage of return to the players.

Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons Immigration

They also look at the assessment of the chances or mood of the players towards individual horses. During the betting, the bookmaker had to monitor the payment and, based on the mathematical calculation and assessment of the remaining payment – devise such quotas that will be to his advantage. However, if he happened to make a mistake in the budget – his odds would be small and neither the players nor he would be satisfied with them.

Sports Betting Today

Today, with the development of technology, everything is different. From the number of sports available for betting, to the precise setting of odds, to the way you can bet. Today you can go to sports betting places – but you can also bet online via the Internet by using your computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Mobile betting applications are one of the most important developing sectors in the last 10 years. Some sports bettings branches pay a lot of money to their players – but they certainly earn even more.

Many sports betting chains have expanded so much – that in some countries they have more branches than the tax administration. This is especially the case with European countries where this type of gambling is very popular – primarily because of soccer, which is one of the most popular sports on the old continent.

Legalization of Sports Betting – Yes or No?

Many US states are still not clear about the topic of legalizing sports betting. According to NJGamblingFun, some states like Tennessee are willing to share the profits from this lucrative business – while some other states are still claiming that sports betting should not be legalized. Where is the middle ground? Although you can see illegal bookmakers almost everywhere – this activity is still demonized in many places.

Even some European countries where this activity is legal – have decided to introduce certain restrictions when it comes to the payment of winnings, taxes, and salaries of sports bettings as well as their number. Will this have a large impact on the economy, sports, and human nature that loves ‘forbidden fruit’? We have tried to point out some of the reasons for and against the legalization of sports betting.


1. Sports Betting Is An Extremely Advanced Industry

The gambling industry is known as one of the most powerful in the world. And we don’t just mean Las Vegas with its flashy neon signs. In addition to those that are already well known to us – the illegal betting industry is also flourishing. According to some estimates, it is worth more than a hundred billion dollars. Today, the availability of betting has taken off so much that this industry seems stronger than ever.

Although after the decision of the US Supreme Court, each federal state has the opportunity to make its own decision on legalization – it must be recognized that its adoption may be an economically justified decision. Also, anyone who practices this type of entertainment will find it far easier to do so in a legally regulated environment.

2. The Economy Comes First

Legalizing sports betting would no doubt be a good boost for the economy. Namely, only the filling of the state treasury based on the collected tax could already show the potential of this activity to a considerable extent. Also, there are a large number of jobs that will be opened in this industry in case it is legalized.

Some estimates claim that between 125,000 and 150,000 new jobs could be opened in the US alone. Economists who have worked on the estimates – claim that this industry could bring the state revenues between 4 and 6 billion dollars in two years. Such potential should certainly not be overlooked.


3. One rule is the same everywhere: The house always wins!

Although many people took betting as a hobby, many of them have fallen into the real traps of sports betting and gambling. However, one rule applies everywhere: The house is always winning! If some people think that different rules apply in sports than in roulette or blackjack – they are wrong. The human factor cannot be ignored. To be even more specific – money spins everything. This means that a large amount of money began to flow into sports – as well as in gambling business.

This includes sports clubs, various competitions, and championships. We have heard of cases of rigged or sold matches many times. Proponents of the theory that legalization should not be approved also have this as an ace card up their sleeve. Also, there are sports betting statistics, which you shouldn’t blindly rely on – because surprises are always possible. The only statistic that is firmly established – is that the house almost always wins. Or at least certainly, much more than it pays off.

4. Commercializing In The Sports Area

The factual situation cannot be disputed here. Money is already largely determining the factors in sports, both on American and European soil. A large number of billionaires have invested their money in buying clubs and organizing tournaments. Many of them are sponsors of championships in tennis, football, and other sports. Money provides not only events – but also power. And power in sports should not be manifested financially but on the court.

Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons

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Pros and Cons of Gambling for Australians

Online gambling in Australia has been something trendy recently. Many brands are getting licensed to operate and offer their unique and outstanding services for the players in this particular country, e.g., Golden Crown. The most important thing before the gamblers and bettors is to find the right place where they can play casino games and place sports bets safely. Because of this, we have created exciting pros and cons of gambling article to make you informed and up-to-date with the latest information you may need to know.

History of Online Gambling

This is going to be an article about the pros and cons of gambling online, but we need to write something about history.

Online gambling started in the mid-90s in the Caribbean Islands.

In the beginning, all online sites were around 15, and just for 2 years, they grew up to 200 platforms, most of them powered by Microgaming.

In 1996, when online gambling was just established, the industry's annual net revenue was around $1 billion, while in 2019, the net revenues hit $53.7 billion.

What is Online Gambling?

Before we start with the pros and cons of gambling online, we would like to explain the meaning of the phrase 'online gambling'. To make it shorter, we will write that gambling is all forms of wagering money or any other value leading to an uncertain outcome (positive or negative). Wagering or rolling over is the term for winning money by playing different casino games or betting on sports events.

Online gambling can be found in different forms as below we have listed some of them:

  • Online Pokies
  • Casino Games
  • Card Games
  • Sports Betting
  • Table Games
  • Bingo
  • Other Games: Plinko, Keno, Craps

Why Should You Gamble Online?

Let's first start with why it is better to gamble online before visiting local shops, halls, and casino rooms. There are lots of benefits of gambling on the internet. We cannot share all of them, and we have summarized them in a few points:

  • Getting bonus money
  • No traveling
  • Anonymity while betting
  • Fast deposits and payouts
  • Safety and security

Receive Huge Welcome Bonuses

One of the main pros of gambling online is that you can get dozens of regular promotions, including the so-called welcome bonus. It is part of almost every casino (excluding the casinos offering mostly Bitcoin services and cashback offers). Joining an online gambling site will guarantee you amazing rewards as soon as you start playing on the brand.

Do Not Waste Your Time Travelling

Nowadays, it is far more convenient to stay at home, sitting comfortably on the sofa, and playing various gambling sites. You will not need to travel to the casino room or the sports betting shop, and at the same time, you will save some money to reach your final destination, the same funds you can use to gamble online.



More or less, when you play in the local shops or casino rooms, you will show your face, friends and relatives will know that you are going to play pokies or place bets. You might feel uncomfortable, and it is always better if you can do this online. Definitely, this is a huge advantage.

Lots of Deposit Methods and Very Fast Payouts

Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons

We cannot say that you will be disappointed to use cash while gambling instead of depositing via e-Wallets or Debit/Credit cards, but it is incredibly convenient when you do it online. First, you are not required to carry large amounts of cash in your pockets. Second, you do not need to search for ATMs. Third, you can use fund your account fast and secure using lots of payment options, including cryptocurrencies. Even when you need to cash out your winnings, you should not worry about anything as you will receive your payment almost instantly!

Safety and Security

There are many pros of legalizing gambling you need to know why playing online. The most important thing is the fact that every licensed online casino, for instance, is an excellent and stable place. Except for the thing that no one will know that you are actually gambling, all your personal information shared on the following platform will be stored privately and safely.

How Does Online Gambling Work?

The whole process of gambling online is straightforward. You will need some free time to make your free signup and then fund your account. But before you do that, you will really need to know all gambling pros and cons, mostly these related to playing at online casinos or sports betting sites. There are many reputable gaming platforms where you can find the latest information about the different brands compared to each other. Our advice is always to check how reliable one operator is and which one is having excellent bonuses because the promotions will boost your chances for success and increase your potential winnings.

Advantages of Gambling

It is time to mention the pros and cons of online gambling. First, we are going to start with the advantages. There are really dozens of pros you can use while playing online. The pros and cons of casinos might be different compared to the pros and cons of sports betting for example, but we have managed to find these that apply equally for all games in the industry. Below, you can check the most popular of them:

  1. Possibility of winning money - If you are lucky enough, gambling online, you can win some cash.
  2. Feeling fun and entertainment is always nice to play some card games or slots after the very long working day you had in the office.
  3. Training your brain - When playing games like poker or blackjack, you will be forced to think different strategies to win against the dealers or the other players. All of these strategy elements will trigger you to measure your skills, so you can be successful.
  4. Checking different types of games - It is always amazing to play various titles and games every day. You will never get tired or bored of playing online.

Disadvantages of Gambling

We have already checked all pros, and it is time to show you the disadvantages of online gambling.

  1. Possibility of losing money - Playing casino games regularly or betting on sports can cost you lots of funds in case of bad luck.
  2. You can get easily addicted - Definitely, the greatest con about gambling is the risk of getting addicted.
  3. Uncertainty of winning regularly - Everyone can be lucky, which leads to addiction to playing more, so you can win more. This is a massive disadvantage because playing more means bigger chances to lose finally.

There are other cons of gambling, but surely the points mentioned above are among the most important that every player can see and feel while playing online.

Interesting and Good Things About Gambling You Need to Know

During the active years of gambling, you can learn about this industry, but you might not know some exciting and excellent facts.

Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons

Gambling, and especially online gambling, is created to bring you joy and fun. The whole industry was established to keep the people busy and relax after the long working days.

Another fascinating fact is that gambling is existing since the Paleolithic period. The earliest pieces of evidence of gambling were found in Mesopotamia. People used to play dices (six-sided) and gamble different stocks and even coins (gold, silver, bronze).

Nicola Tesla was initially a gambling addict before losing all his money, dropped out of school, and even suffered a nervous breakdown. Then he became one of the most famous persons in the world because of his amazing inventions.


After going through all the points in this article, we hope you know the right answers to the following questions: can I gamble online, should I gamble, how can I gamble online? As you can see, to make an account online and start playing at a casino or sports betting site is not that difficult. It is something that can be achieved by everyone, but the point is different.

Do you find enough gambling pros and cons of doing it? If you see more disadvantages rather than advantages, you better quit and leave things like they are now.

Gambling, no matter if you do it online, is leading to addiction. Suppose you have amazing self-discipline and you want to test it. In that case, you will definitely find lots of advantages to start gambling online. The most important pro of gambling is the fact that it can bring you fun and joy.

Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons Disadvantages

Do not forget to play responsibly and place your bets wisely! Stake only the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Gambling Should Be Illegal Pros And Cons Selling

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