How To Obtain A Gambling License In South Africa

United States Gaming Licensing by Jurisdiction. The table below provides a broad look at the various licensing requirements and ongoing reporting obligations for suppliers/vendors working with casinos located in a variety of jurisdictions. The Gauteng Gambling Board is a statutory body established in terms of section 3 of the Gauteng Gambling Act, No 4 of 1995 as amended. Prior to August 1996 betting on horse-racing and other sporting events was the only form of legal gambling in Gauteng. During August 1996 the Gauteng Gambling Act 1995 (Act No 4 of 1995), was promulgated.

International internet gambling law is a subject of immense complexity, because every nation has its own
take on the subject. Some parts of the world embrace online gambling while others do everything they
can to ban it entirely. On top of that, different jurisdictions within a single nation sometimes take radically
different approaches to internet gaming.

The United States is a great example of how complex gambling law can be within a single nation. Not only
are the federal laws poorly written and difficult to interpret, but individual states have their own laws as
well. In some states, online gambling is 100% legal and available to anyone inside state lines. In others, the
authorities are still trying to seize the assets of legitimate gambling sites.

Our goal with this part of our website is to take this massive subject and break it down for our readers.
We start this page by explaining some of the basics of online gambling legislation and regulation, which are useful to understand if you’re interested in
betting or gaming online. There is then some information on the gambling laws in various regions around the world. We’ve also included links to additional
pages where you can learn more about the legal status of both offline and online gambling in specific countries.

This page is divided into the following sections, to make it easy to find the specific region you may be looking for.

South America

Online Gambling Legislation and Regulation: The Basics

The most important thing for you to understand about online gambling legislation and regulation is how it affects you. There are two key points to consider
in this respect.

  1. It is rare for it to be explicitly illegal to USE an online gambling site
  2. Licensed and regulated gambling sites are BY FAR the safest

The first point here is hopefully one that will put your mind at rest if you are worried about the legalities of gambling online, and the potential for
repercussions. The fact is that you are very unlikely to breaking the law simply by betting or gaming online. The vast majority of online gambling legislation
is target squarely at the companies that operate sites, and not the individuals who use them. Of course, laws do vary from one region to the next as we’ve
explained. It’s important to know your local laws do prohibit you from gambling online, which is precisely we’ve provided the relevant much information in
this section

How To Obtain A Gambling License In South Africa Right Now

In relation to the second point, most sites are licensed and regulated in at least one jurisdiction. To obtain the necessary license, they will have to meet
specific criteria as laid out by the licensing authority within the relevant jurisdiction. Operators will generally advertise details of their licensing, as it helps
to reassure potential customers that are legal and regulated. It basically lends some legitimacy to their operations. That’s what you’ll often see something
like the following on gambling websites.

You should know, however, that the actual legitimacy of licensing authorities varies quite significantly. The simple fact of the matter is some agencies are
much more stringent than others. For example, the state of Nevada puts any potential online poker site through the wringer before it issues a license to
operate. So a Nevada license has genuine sign validity. Other gambling authorities basically sell licenses to anyone with enough money, so these don’t
really mean much at all.

With that in mind, we decided to put together a comprehensive guide to licensing authorities around the world. We want you to know what it really means
when a site says it has a license to do business. You can use this information to assist in the search for a safe gambling site.

Alderney – Alderney Gaming Control Comm
Antigua & Barbuda – Antigua Directorate of Offshore Ga
Curacao – Curacao e-Gaming Licesing Aut
Isle of Man – Gambling Supervision Comm
Malta – Lotteries & Gaming Authority
Panama – Panama Gaming Control Board
Costa Rica
Kahnawake – Kahnawake Gaming Commission

You should also understand why online gambling regulation is so important. Its primary purpose is to protect YOU, the consumers. You should be able to
gamble online with the confidence that you will be treated fairly not be exposed to dishonest or crooked practices. Thankfully, the established and
reputable licensing authorities ensure that you can do exactly that. They impose a strict code of conduct on the licensees, who have to adhere to the
necessary regulations if they are to maintain their licenses. That’s why properly licensed and regulated sites are the safest options.

Further Information

For a more in-depth explanation of this subject, please see our page on how online gambling is regulated

Gambling Laws in North America

There are several countries in North America that have wildly different laws relating to gambling.
The United States is obviously the biggest country in this region, and as we’ve already mentioned
the laws here are very confusing. This is partly down to the fact that there are so many states,
each with their own attitude to gambling, but there is more to it than that. There is just a distinct
lack of clarity in so much of the relevant legislation. There is also much debate about whether
US laws actually apply to gambling sites that operate outside the region.

Things are not much better in Canada either. There is legislation in place that has been passed by
central government, but each individual province has the authority to regulate gambling in their
own regions. As with the US, the use of overseas sites is very much a grey area.

We’ve provided additional pages that explain the relevant legal situations in these two countries in much
more detail, and we’ve also covered some other countries in North America too.

Gambling Laws in Europe and the UK

How to obtain a gambling license in south africa state

Europe also has many countries with different approaches to the legality of online gambling.
Some countries outright ban it, while others have formally legalized it and put proper regulatory
frameworks in place. The United Kingdom is the best example of the latter. All forms of online
betting and gaming are completely legal, and very well regulated. Any site wishing to provide its
services to UK residents must meet requirements set out by the Gambling Commission. This
organization was established in 2005, replacing the existing Gaming Board.

There are other European countries with similar setups to the UK too. France, for example, has a
strict licensing process, but does allow overseas companies to accept French customers if they
meet the necessary criteria. For some reason, though, all forms of casino games are currently
banned. They at least have clear laws though, whereas things are decidedly murky in other countries.

We’ve provide a detailed overview of European gambling laws, and also information on the laws in each of the following specific countries.

United Kingdom

Gambling Laws in Australia/Oceania

The laws for Australian gambling companies are very strict. They’re allowed to offer some gambling
services to Australian residents, but currently only traditional sports betting and lottery-style
games are permitted. Live sports betting is not allowed, and nor are casino games. There are no
laws that prevent Australians from using overseas sites though, as these fall outside the jurisdiction
of Australia’s government.

In New Zealand, unlike so many other regions, there is clear and precise legislation relating to
online gambling. The country passed a new act in 2003 to make sure that their laws were explicit and
easy to understand. Unusually, the act very plainly stated that the use of overseas sites is entirely
legal. Such sites are, however, banned from advertising in New Zealand.

You can read more about the country specific laws in this part of the world on the following pages.

Gambling Laws in Asia

There is very little consistency in the gambling laws throughout Asia. This is perhaps
not surprising, given the size of the continent and the number of different countries
it’s home to. Compiling an overview of Asian gambling laws would be a futile
exercise, but we have provided pages covering each of the following countries

Gambling Laws in South America

The general approach to gambling throughout South America is reasonably liberal.
There are restrictions on certain types of betting and gaming in some countries in the
region though. For example, casino games are prohibited in Brazil. Our guide to the
gambling laws in South America explains about these restrictions in more detail, and
also covers any relevant online gambling legislation.

Gambling Laws in Africa

Few countries in Africa have passed any kind of legislation relating on online gambling,
although South Africa is one notable exception. Land based gambling is another
matter though, with various forms fully legalized throughout the region. There are
casino venues, for example, in several countries. We’ve provided details on the various
gambling laws throughout Africa on the following page.

Important Notice

We recommend that you have at least passing familiarity with the legal climate with regards to gambling in
your location. A working knowledge of the law in your area may help to keep you safe from any legal trouble,
and will make it easier for you to find the sites that cater for customers in your part of the world.

Please be aware, though, that nothing contained in this part of should be considered as
actual legal advice. We’ve carried out extensive research and consulted experts when compiling all of
this information, but we are not qualified to provide legal advice. If you have any concerns about the
legalities of gambling online where you live, it would be best to speak to a licensed lawyer.

Recently one of the areas that entrepreneurs eager to invest in online gambling business. The industry costs approximately 44 billion dollars and provides enormous opportunities for business owners. Experts claim that it’s worth will 81.7 billion by 2022. With the help of developing technology, the industry is overgrowing. You can open your own gambling business and make a profit more than you make in your current work. Online gambling business is a suitable field for most of the business owners because of its advantages and opportunities. You can quickly run your own business whether you have experience in the field or not. But before diving into this industry, you need to consider several steps for being a successful business owner. Therefore, the article will provide some essential factors that you need to consider while thinking about opening your own gambling business.

Preparation Process

Before starting your own business, you need to consider all the legal issues related to the online gambling industry. One of the essential parts here is to have a proper online gambling license for your business. Without permission, you will not have a legal firm, which means you will not be able to attract customers into your company. There are several jurisdictions for obtaining an online gambling license. You can get it from both foreign countries and European Union countries. All of them have provided permission with the same importance, and it does not matter from which jurisdiction you get the license. But note that each court has its own rules, time for getting a permit. And also you will get a different reputation according to the jurisdiction you choose.

Usually, you get a license within a couple of months, yet in some areas, you can get it within one year. For example, in Malta time for getting online gambling license is six months.

Types of Licenses

Note that you can get two different licenses from these jurisdictions. First one is an international license, and you get this license from offshore jurisdictions. The second one is internal or local gambling license, which is local for your country only. While choosing your authority, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the permit, the time it will take to get that license, requirements for obtaining consent, and how much it will cost to you. You can take consultancy of a lawyer to seep up the process. After choosing a jurisdiction, you need to prepare all the required documents and paperwork in advance. For that, you should search what exact records you need to provide for getting an online gambling license. Generally, these documents include a copy of the passport, criminal background, and your address.

Meeting the requirements

Next, you need to focus on your online casino business. Your business should meet the requirements by jurisdiction. Probably you will need to prepare the document about the goal of your company, what kind of games you will offer to your customer, from which software providers you will get the games, and certificate of RNG. also make sure that your casino website has the general information, terms, and condition about your company. Most of the jurisdictions check your website to see the information. Also, the cost of getting online casino business may differ from country to country. In some states, It could cost you thousands of dollars, yet in others, it could cost hundreds of dollars. You can check this information through your jurisdictions’ requirements.

Choosing a Software Provider

If legal issues are apparent for you, then you can switch to the next part, which is about choosing the online casino software for your online casino. This process is as essential as the legal issues because the software you provide to your customers will decide on the future of your company. While considering software provider companies, you need to focus on both quality and pricing policy. Although for most of the business runners price is important, it usually does not determine the quality of software. You can go with the cheaper software and offer this software to your customers but if the software has lower quality than other online casino software, then next time customer will not choose your company. But it does not mean that you need to select a more costly software solution. It also does not ensure high quality.

The best option while choosing a game for your online casino is to focus on the quality factors. These quality factors could be sound effects, design, colour choices, the idea of the game, creativity level used, and graphics. Most of the gambling software providers offer their customer to test the game for free. You can benefit from this and check whether the game meets your company requirements or not. Also, pay attention to the customer relationship of the software provider company. Game providers should consider customer requirements and even create frequent communication to get feedback about their game. If the software provider does not consider your level of satisfaction toward their games, then you need to go for another one.


The online casino provider company should take responsibility for al technical support, after launch operation. Developers of the company also should be responsible for the regular updates of their games. If the company meet all these requirements, then their game package could cost higher than you expect. But in the end, you will provide better user experience and gain more customer satisfaction. It also will lead to making more profit from your business.

The online casino software that you choose should comply with the newly established technology trends as well. Nowadays, companies use HTML5 language in the development phase. You can also decide HTML5 based casino games because they are cross-platform means customer can run these games in multiple devices, including tablets, PCs, smartphones, and laptops. Moreover, these games provide better user experience and easy for the customer to use. Another new trend in online casino games is multicurrency support. By submitting this option, your games can reach to more variety of players, and in the end, you can make more profit. Cryptocurrency payment options are more comfortable and safe to use because of blockchain technology.

Marketing Strategy

If you are in the online casino business, you need to value the strength of marketing for your company. Companies cannot survive without the support of the customer, and the most optimal way to get the customer to your platform is through the help of marketing strategies. While developing your marketing plan, you need to focus on the young generation and continuously develop marketing plan according to that. Also, your marketing plan should focus on keeping your recent customers and increase the numbers of newcomers. You do it by increasing your website traffic.

You can start by investigating the current online gambling business. It includes analyzing your competitors, understanding what the principal reason for their success is, and what strategies they apply to get new customers. Knowing the rules of business will allow you to understand the industry in a better way and also will help you to plan more unique offers to your customers. You can plan your marketing strategy by creating advertising strategies, promotion, and brand development.

Content Marketing


Another option for you could be developing a content marketing strategy. It is about creating exciting and engaging contents to your users. It allows you to increase traffic to your website and also deliver useful content to your customers. Usually, this marketing strategy helps companies to earn new customers. Examples for materials could be providing ways for customers for starting sweepstakes games, or plan about getting bonuses from online casino games. You can also provide content about the online casino game provider giants like Playtech or Novatech. But make sure that the articles you offer for your readers are relevant to the online casino business and engaging for users to read.

For the best content, you need to have an attractive and creative website initially. After making sure that you have a perfect website which contains excellent materials then you can contact with your customers and ask them to promote your online gambling business. For more readers to your content, you can allow other websites to use your content as backlinks to their content. Or you can submit your materials into several online forums or directories. It will improve the traffic to your website and get you, new customers. Additionally, pay attention to the SEO standards and focus on delivering your content through e-mail marketing campaigns, newsletters, and social media.

New Comer Bonuses and Free Plays

Another successful marketing strategy in the online gambling business is about providing additional bonuses and free plays to your customers. It is especially useful if you want to get new customers to your platform. It is always an excellent choice to offer a lot of extra bonuses and rewards to get the attention of users. These bonuses become very attractive to the new users, and they will want to sign in your website to get more from those bonuses. Free plays are another strategic method to get new customers and promote your brand. It is like letting the user taste the food or try the clothes before purchasing them. After trying your games through free plays, the customer will be eager to buy it.

Online Casino Tournaments

Game tournaments are another widely used technique by online casino giants. These tournaments allow your users to compete against each other for getting different prizes. Competitors usually spend a considerable amount of time on your website for winning various games and getting awards. Especially Poker tournaments are very famous among online gambling lovers. They manage to collect millions of players from all over the world and increase the traffic on the online casino website. Other tournaments include slot games, Roulettes, Blackjack, etc.Slot gamesrequire from the user to pay some fee which goes to the prize pool and in the end several players win an award from that pool.

How To Obtain A Gambling License In South Africa

Post Launch Marketing

It is crucial for your online gambling business to get new customers by implementing various marketing strategies. But what is more important is to make these new customers the true ones. It is enough to provide 45 or 50 games to your customers. You do not need to include thousands of games to get the customers. What you need is to apply a competitive marketing strategy to make your company differ from others. To do this, you need to have an excellent marketing strategy in all stages of your business. Online gambling business is one of the most difficult ones. It is difficult to start the company, and then it is even more challenging to keep your business stand against hundreds of competitors. There are some points you can consider while considering post-launch marketing strategies.

First one is to collect and create professional marketing team for your company. This team will decide what your goal is, what is your difference from other competitors, and what is your uniqueness. The marketing team will determine what your vision and future goals of the company is. But remember that even if you have the best marketing strategy among your competitors, you still will not be able to attract users with low-quality games. Offering innovative and exciting games is another crucial factor for creating successful online gambling business.

Spending money on marketing

How To Obtain A Gambling License In South Africa State

For a start, you can work with several online casino software providers and get a limited number of games. Make sure that you will offer games based on new technology trends. As mentioned above, it could be HTML5 based online casino games that support the multicurrency payment system. After launching your games, you still will need to spend money on online advertising, social media promotions, etc. in that stage you online gambling business will need advertising more than initial stages. Do not hesitate to spend money on marketing because, in the end, you will make a huge profit because of customers that you get from successful marketing.

Customer service

Another critical point is to provide customer service, which is available 7/24 so that your customers can get in touch with you whenever they need. But before you need to provide any information that customer may need. It could be presenting “How to” section or, FAQs, writing contents, or offering video demonstrations about how to play your games. You need to create an environment to make your customer easily engage with your games. Try to focus on rewarding your users about being your customer. You can do it by providing extra bonuses, free spins, and free plays.

How to obtain a gambling license in south africa right now

Deciding on your budget

Before launching your company, you will need to calculate the budget of your business. Inexperienced business owners usually figure it for one-year operation. But if you have experience in the online gambling industry, you can calculate the budget for as long as possible. The critical factor here is to plan your budget before you launch it. It would be the unprofessional approach to plan your budget after you start the website. If you are new to the online gambling business, you will have more expenses because you will need to gain the trust of your customers. For that purpose, you will need to spend more money on the business. Before the launch of the website, most of your payment will go to the software solutions, but after the start of your website, you will spend most of your budget to the marketing strategy to obtain loyal customers.

Launch of the business

Launch duration of your online gambling business depends on both business owner and gambling software providers. Usually, it takes an overall three months to launch the business. But software providers will decide when your games will be ready. Other than that launch time includes the design of your website, collecting team for marketing, choosing software products, set up for games, and other essential features. You can speed up the process by communicating regularly with software providers, explaining them your requirements, and answering their question because the speed of their work depends on you.

Generally, the most important things you need to do for opening online gambling business include gaining online gambling license, opening a bank account and merchant bank account, making agreements with casino software providers about the price and time of delivery of your products. Opening and managing online casino business is challenging, but if you pay attention to online gambling license and financial issues successfully, then it will be so easy for you to get the attention of customers and gain considerable reputation in the gambling business.

Final Thoughts

How To Obtain A Gambling License In South Africa Gauteng

Starting an online gambling business is not an easy task especially if we are taking into consideration all the steps that are mentioned in the article. You need to focus on selecting casino software, finding a domain, working on marketing campaigns and all that. If you would like to get the most out of gambling business, contact Riversweeps Platinum. Reach out to us so that we can discuss the essentials of the business and help you to get the most effective strategy for starting the casino business.

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