Hp Pavilion 15 Ram Slots

HP Pavilion 15-cs3076nr - 15.6' - Core i7 1065G7 - 8 GB RAM - 512 GB SSD - US overview and full product specs on CNET. Security Slot Type. How many ram slots of Pavilion 15 au067TX? I want upgrade this notebook to 8GB Ram. HP Pavilion 15 au067TX. Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) ram.

In this guide I explain how to disassemble an HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000 gaming laptop, I will remove the bottom cover to access the battery, SSD, hard drive, RAM, WiFi card, heatsink, and CPU fan.

This guide will work for many different models of HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0008ca, 15-cx0010ca, 15-cx0020ca, 15-cx0020nr, 15-cx0030nr, 15-cx0040nr, 15-cx0042nr, 15-cx0045nr, 15-cx0049nr, 15-cx0056wm, 15-cx0058wm, 15-cx0071nr, 15-cx0077wm, 15-cx0085nr, 15-cx0086nr, 15-cx0009ne, 15-cx0026nt, 15-cx0144tx and probably some other models too.

For this disassembly, you need just a few basic tools: Torx T5 screwdriver, Phillips #1 screwdriver, case opener tool, and tweezers.

The components that can be replaced or upgraded for this notebook include the battery, memory, M.2 SSD, 2.5-inch hard disk, wireless network card, and CPU fan.

There are 7 screws on the back cover to fix it to the top cover. Use a screwdriver to remove these 7 screws, then use the case opener tool (or thin plastic tool) to slowly pry open the back cover from the top case. There are many snaps on the back cover. Be careful not to damage these snaps. Otherwise, the back cover may not be fixed to the notebook well when reinstalling it to the notebook.

After removing the back cover, we can access most of its internal components. It can be seen that the upper part includes the motherboard, fan, memory, SSD, USB board, and the lower part only has the battery and mechanical hard disk.

This is the removed back cover. There are two shock-proof sponges in the position of the mechanical hard disk. Besides, there is no special design.

This notebook comes with an 11.55v 52.5W lithium battery. In order to remove the battery, you need to disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard, and then remove all the screws that fix the battery.

It provides a 2.5-inch hard disk bay, which is fixed on the top cover by 3 screws and connected to the motherboard by a SATA cable. Some models do not have a 2.5-inch hard disk, so you can buy a SATA cable to add a 2.5-inch hard drive to your laptop.


Its wireless network card can also be upgraded, you only need to remove one screw and disconnect two antennas from the motherboard.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000 has two memory slots, one of which is equipped with 8GB Micron memory, so you can add another memory, this notebook can support up to 32GB memory.

The SSD that comes with this notebook comes from Lite-On, and there is no heat sink on the SSD. The temperature during continuous operation may be relatively high. In addition, you can see that the PCH chip also has no heat sink.

Its cooling module has two copper tubes. Although there are only two copper tubes, the power supply chips and video memory are covered.

The fan on the left is mainly responsible for cooling the graphics card.

The fan on the right is mainly responsible for cooling the CPU. You can see that there are slight differences between the two fans.

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In this guide, I will be taking apart HP Pavilion 15-ab000 to remove the bottom case, battery, hard drive, RAM, wireless card, optical drive and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can upgrade, repair your Pavilion 15-ab000.

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Hp Pavilion 15-ck063tx Ram Slot

The laptop model is HP Pavilion 15-ab065tx.

Unlock and remove the battery.
Remove all screws securing the bottom case.

The HP Pavilion 15-ab000 comes with a 14.8v, 41wh Li-ion battery, HP part number: HSTNN-IB6X, 800009-141.

Pry up and remove the bottom case.

Hp Pavilion Power 15 Ram Slots

Here’s HP Pavilion 15-ab000’s bottom case.

Under the case, you will be able to access the RAM, hard drive, wireless card, speaker, CMOS battery, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard.

Here’re the heat sink and cooling fan module.

USB board

Hard drive module

The HP Pavilion 15-ab000 comes with two RAM slots, and only one RAM was installed, so you can upgrade the RAM.
The part number is 693374-005.

HP Pavilion 15-ab000’s optical drive


HP Pavilion 15-ab000 features an HL-DT-ST GU80N DVD burner.

HP Pavilion 15-ab000 features a Micron 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz.

Wireless card

HGST 1TB 5400RPM hard drive

Hp Pavilion 15 Ram Slots

Intel® Core™ i7-5500U processor (4M Cache, up to 3.00 GHz) with Intel® HD Graphics 5500

NVIDIA GeForce 940M Graphics card

Remove all screws securing the motherboard and disconnect all the cables.

Here’s HP Pavilion 15-ab000 motherboard.

For more guides, check out the HP Pavilion 15-ab000 device page.

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