Macau Casino For Beginners


Oct 16, 2014

A trip to Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau is far more enjoyable if you know your way around that casino thing that you probably have to walk through just to get to your room. These tips will help the casino-clueless enjoy themselves and not bottom out their budgets too quickly. Most Casino Workers Will Be Entitled to Minimum Wages. Effective November 1 st, Macau employers must pay a minimum wage to most workers, although maids have been excluded. Macau is the last city in China and its autonomous territories to enact widespread minimum wage requirements.

Forget about Las Vegas. Go to Macau to play blackjack!

Macau is known for baccarat, but it also has some of the best blackjack tables in the world. If you ever find yourself in this fantastic city check out a few casinos on this list.

Forget about Las Vegas. The Chinese city of Macau (formerly a Portuguese colony) is now the world’s gambling center. In 2013 its 30-some casinos pulled in a combined $45.2 billion in revenue, utterly dwarfing the $6.2 billion done by Vegas.

And much of Macau’s gambling billions come from players laying down massive bets on baccarat, the game of choice for thousands of wealthy Chinese gamblers. However, blackjack is day-by-day gaining a bigger following in Macau.

Casinos are investing in more tables as more gamblers across Asia are taking an interest in the game. Here are some of the best places in Macau to play this fantastic table game.

Wynn Macau

Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn has built one of Macau’s biggest and most luxurious casinos, which also happens to be one of the places in the city most conducive to winning at blackjack.

Macau Casino For Beginners

The most player-friendly blackjack table at the Wynn has a house edge of only .09 percent, one of the lowest you’ll see anywhere on Earth! Dealers stand on soft 17s!

You must be wondering: “there’s a catch. No casino would offer the player almost even odds. What’s the deal?”There is a catch is that the minimum bet is HKD 1,000 (about $128).

This is the best blackjack table in Macau, and maybe anywhere, but it is high-rollers only. However, the Wynn offers lower stakes tables with higher house edges. Whatever your budget, there is something for you.

Venetian Macau

Never to be outdone by his friend and rival Steve Wynn, Sands China chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson has also put up one of the grandest casinos in a city known for glitz, glamour and limitless piles of money.

Macau Casino For Beginners Ukulele

Venetian Macau

Macau Casino For Beginners

The Venetian features a high limit ($128) table with a very inviting house edge of .16 percent, better than many you’ll find outside of the Wynn and a few others. If that bet size is a little outside of your budget, there are also hundreds of tables offering hands starting at $39.

And if you’re looking to take a break from the blackjack table, the Venetian is known as Macau’s premier entertainment venue, having hosted star-powered acts like Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

The City of Dreams

This not-so -modestly named mega casino is everything it claims to be: an absolutely stunning miracle of human design and engineering available only to those carrying very large sums of money.

While many Macau casinos have warmed up to mass market gamblers, “the city” remains high-rollers only. You won’t find many tables with limits under $128, but the house edge on these upper limit tables is a favorable .16 percent.

As for overall amenities, the City of Dreams includes three hotels and a total of 1,400 rooms, and the House of Dancing Water show directed by Franco Dragone is one of the best entertainment attractions in the entire city.

The Grand Lisboa

The 12-story Grand Lisboa is a city icon, built in 1970 by Lawrence Ho long before Macau was opened up to foreign casino investors. It has become a mainstay due to its architectural brilliance as well as its willingness to open its doors to mass market gamblers.

The Grand Lisboa, Macau

The Lisboa isn’t a huge casino by the standards of the day, but it features enough blackjack rules variations and minimum bet sizes to cater to almost any blackjack player.

There are tables as low as $6, albeit with a house edge of .52 percent. But if you’re a true higher roller, the upper limit blackjack tables have a house edge of only .16 percent and allow you to wager up to $380,000 per hand.

We truly mean it when we say that the Grand Lisboa has something for everyone, a feature which is lacking in most Macau casinos.

The MGM Grand Macau

This is one of several Vegas-style mega casinos in Macau, and offers the same player-friendly blackjack rules you’ll find in the Wynn and Venetian Macau: dealer stands on soft 17, unlimited splits (including re-splitting aces) and early surrender is allowed.

The MGM offers an upper limit game with a house edge of only .09, tantalizingly low. For those looking to wager small amounts the house edges aren’t too shabby either. The casino has hundreds of gaming tables, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t find what you’re looking for.

Macau Casino For Beginners For Beginners

Pharaoh’s Palace

This is a little-known local casino located inside the Landmark Hotel, which probably wouldn’t be known at all if not the for the unique blackjack rules variations offered there.

Pharaoh’s Palace, Macau

It has the same rules offered at most Macau casinos (see MGM Grand) but has a few interesting twists not seen anywhere else. For example, any time the player makes a five card hand they have half their bet returned automatically, unless the dealer shows an ace.

In addition, the player receives a tantalizing 3-1 payout on any three-card hand containing 777 or a suited 678. These rules are so good that Macau insiders claim that if one uses flawless basic strategy there is no house edge at all. Imagine what someone can do using a card counting system!

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Macau is a Chinese peninsula which has increased dramatically in popularity over recent years thanks to its fame as a major gambling resort. Having recently made a glamorous cameo in a James Bond movie, its tourist industry exploded almost overnight, and now Macau has overtaken Las Vegas in leading the world’s gambling revenue.

If you usually gamble online or go to physical casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you may not know what you should expect from casinos in Macau. There are some major differences between western casino resorts and those in Macau. For a start, you’ll find there are some very different games on offer which aren’t commonly seen in western casinos. You’ll also find that some options that we’re used to in the west are more limited. Bingo terminals, for example, are often seen on gaming floors in the west, but are harder to find in Macau, so if bingo is your thing you might want to read more here about how to find the best bingo sites online on to keep you satisfied. On the other hand, however, there’ll be some things which are extremely familiar. For example, you’ll see well-known hotel names like the Wynn, the Sands and the Venetian.

In this beginner’s guide to enjoying casinos in Macau, you’ll get some ideas and travel tips about how to get the most out of your trip and what you can expect.

Casinos in Macau



Where to Stay

Accommodation is key to enjoying your gambling trip to Macau. Choose a property that is walking distance from all the big-name casinos so that you won’t have to worry about transport. There are some amazing premium suites at the big gambling resorts like the Venetian and Sands Macau, and while they don’t come cheap, they do offer unparalleled luxury. You’ll also have access to fantastic entertainment and facilities, not to mention the fact that you’ll be steps away from the gaming floor.

Where to Gamble

The biggest question that you’ll need to ask is where you should gamble your hard-earned cash when you arrive in the gambling mecca that is Macau. You’ll have plenty of choices, so it all depends on the experience that you’re hoping to have.

The Wynn Macau was the first casino in the Vegas-style to be opened here. While it may be worth seeing for that reason, it isn’t the most spectacular. There are just 200 gaming tables, and the stakes are pretty high.

If you’re looking for spectacle, the Venetian should be your first stop. As you might expect if you’ve been to the resort of the same name in Vegas, this casino is incredibly luxurious. Its gaming floor is the largest anywhere in the world, with more than 500 gaming tables to choose from and about 2000 slots. Here, you’ll find classic Chinese games like Sic Bo, although you’ll find the minimum stakes are high. If you’re visiting on a work day, the Venetian is one of the best places to go since there’s always lots of action going on 7 days a week.


If you’re more into European-style gambling with the focus on the gaming tables rather than the entertainment, Casino Lisboa should be your first port of call. With around 700 slots and 400 gaming tables, you’ll have a good choice of western and eastern options from blackjack to Pai Gow.

Finally, if you’re a keen poker player, you should probably consider going to The City of Dreams. This enormous resort plays host to the Asian Championship Poker tournament each year, and if you’re keen to meet famous poker players, this is where you’ll find them. Even out of tournament season you’ll find lots of semi-professional players here, so you’ll get some decent competition at the poker table.

Guidelines for Gambling in Macau

If you’re new to gambling in Macau, you’ll need to know the rules which have to be followed. Here are some of the guidelines which are in place in the casinos of Macau.

  1. Gambling age – legally, foreigners are permitted to gamble in Macau’s casinos when they are aged 18 or over. However, Macau residents have to be aged over 21. You will only be able to use a Hong Kong ID card or passport as identification.
  2. Legal items – when heading into a casino you’ll usually have to check in your luggage, laptop and camera at the cloakroom.
  3. Dress code – this varies between establishments. Some are stricter than others, but in general, you should avoid wearing sleeveless tops, shorts and flip flops whether you’re male or female. If you’re planning on entering the high roller rooms, you’ll have even stricter dress codes to follow.
  4. Legal tender – although the local currency is the Macau Pataca, in the casinos only the Hong Kong Dollar is accepted as legal tender.
  5. Alcohol – while Vegas has a reputation of being Sin City, everything doesn’t go in Macau. If you’re visibly intoxicated, it’s likely the security staff will evict you from the gaming floor.
  6. Smoking – while most casinos are officially non-smoking, many customers ignore this and light up anyway. They are very rarely stopped from doing so.
  7. Shuttle buses – if you need to use a shuttle bus to get to different hotels and resorts, you’ll have to have proof. A casino receipt or evidence of your casino hotel room will be required if you want to hop on one of these buses.