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Read about the most amazing gambling true story,how a team of students called the MIT team, beat the casinos. See why blackjack is so popular and how to play free.

Massar, a MIT member, was among the first few students at MIT who had attended the 1979 course 'How to gamble if you must' where the team had originated. He along with a few players had started the very first Blackjack team at MIT. Over a few years in the 1990s, MIT students earned several million dollars by playing blackjack in Las Vegas casinos on weekends while taking on the lives of normal college students during the week. “I got to know them socially when we were in college. They always had cash, and were always going to Vegas.

The Blackjack Masterminds Team : True Event Gambling Story

Welcome to Tactile Com! Here, we’ll talk about one of the most important things that MIT has – the Tactile Team. Did you know that besides the Tactile device (the Tactile Braille) – the text to braille machine, (the most popular Tactile technology) MIT has also offered some of the greatest minds in the history of entertainment. The sophisticated strategies that the Tactile team used are still an inspiration for everyday activities – and this is something the Massachusets Institute of Technology is still proud of. Keep on reading to learn the whole MIT team story about how we beat the casinos.

MIT Team : How a Team of Students Beat the Casinos

Did you know that you can legally beat blackjack? It involves using a strategy – when to hit and when to stand. However, you can also use card counting, hole carding and shuffle tracking in blackjack too.

This is exactly what happened with the MIT team was exactly that. The idea behind card counting is that, because a low card is bad and a high card good, and as cards already seen since the last shuffle cannot be at the top of the deck and drawn. This is why, the counter can determine which low and high cards have been played. Of course, this enables them to know the probability of getting a high card and a low card.

So, in 1980, an MIT consisting of 6 students and residents of the Burton-Conner House taught themselves card counting. They went to Atlantic City on a spring break, and won their fortune – they beat the casinos playing blackjack.

21 is a movie, inspired by Bringing Down the House. It was produced and starred with Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess. It first aired on March 28, 2008, by Colombia Pictures

Many people wonder if what happened in 21 is a true story, especially since former players of the MIT team – Jeff Ma and Henry Houh appear in the movie as well.

This was a really popular movie according to all charts, but even so, it is really important to talk about the story. Namely, the whole movie script took significant artistic license with events. As such, most of its plot was invented specifically for the movie, rather than actually happening. This is why, the story was somewhat “inspired by true events” rather than being based on true events.

For instance, the biggest difference between what really happened and what the movie says it happened was the structure of the team. Namely, in the movie, the professor (Kevin Spacey) runs the students. In reality, the team was run by alumni and students together.

So, although the movie is amazing to watch, it still doesn’t portray the whole true story behind the MIT team.

In order to win real money playing this game and even build a strategy to play it, you need to know the basic rules. First, you should know that your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Also, the face cards are worth 10, aces are worth 1 or 11, depending on which makes a better hand.You start with 2 cards, and one of the cards that the dealer has is hidden until the very end. You hit to ask for another hand, and stand to hold your total. If you go over 21, you bust. If you get 21 from the start, – an ace and 10, you have a blackjack. If you win by blackjack, you win x 1.5 of what you bet.

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It is only fair to say that the MIT team consisted of math geniuses, and their names are really worth to remember as they formed the MIT team for blackjack. By knowing math and learning card-counting techniques, they beat casinos across the US. During the 1990’s, they went their separate ways, and even so, they remained legends. Here are their names and something worth knowing about them:

  • Semyon Dukach – an Angel Investor that has helped many startups

  • Jeffrey “Jeff” Ma – Published a book, and is a CEO and founder TenXer. He is also a Sports columnist

  • Jane Willis – One of the best lawyers in America – works in business litigation

  • Mike Aponte – Won the 2004 World Series of Blackjack, co-founded the Blackjack institute

  • Johnny Chang – A speaker and coach

  • Laurie Tsao – Still a professional blackjack games player

January 21, 2020 Ken Johnson

If you’re into gambling, especially card games such as poker and blackjack, chances are that you would have heard of the famous MIT blackjack team. It was a group of current and alumni MIT students that ravaged casinos across the strip in the last few decades of the 20th century. Our goal with this blog post is to share with you the true story of the most notorious group of card counters in the history of blackjack. To achieve complete authenticity, we have based this story on the personal testimonies and official statements of the people who were actually there.

Mit Students Blackjack Movie

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the article, we would like to take a few seconds and address the elephant in the room. As you probably know, card counting is not considered illegal, however, if you get caught doing it, you are most likely going to get banned. So, think twice before attempting to card counts, in case you to get inspired by the feats of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team.

The Original MIT Blackjack Team – How it All Started

Mit Students And Blackjack

Even though card counting has been around for a very long time, it was only in 1979 that the very first group of students formed, after being contacted by a professional blackjack player. What made it possible was the fact that in the very same year the New Jersey Control Commission passed a new regulation that forbade casinos in Atlantic City to ban the act of card counting. Instead, venues had to catch and ban players individually, which gave the MIT guys a little leeway to do their magic, before eventually being thrown out.

There were three individuals that can be considered as the founding fathers of the MIT blackjack team and they are J.P. Massar (Mr. ‘M’), John Chang and Bill Kaplan. As we are talking about gambling, it is only fitting that pure luck was what brought Massar and Kaplan together. While having dinner at a Chinese place in Cambridge, Mr M overheard a conversation about card counting, which happened to be between his future partners in crime. As the story goes, the three joined efforts to create and run the MIT blackjack team, which was operational from late 1979 all the way to the beginning of the 21st century.

Card Counting – MIT Blackjack Team Strategy

As card counting was the main weapon in the hands of the MIT blackjack team, it is about time that we present you with a good explanation of how it actually works. It is a game strategy, that is mainly associated with playing blackjack and is used to determine whether the player is going to have an advantage over the house in each following hand. As there is luck involved, card counting does not guarantee a victory, but it can considerably lower the inherent house advantage. So much so that almost every casino in the world is either going to ban players that perform the stunt, or utilise multiple decks to make it impossible for them to keep track.

As you could expect, some serious mathematical skills are required, which means that a very small amount of players are ever going to be able to pull it off with consistent success. This is one of the main reasons why the infamous MIT blackjack team was formed and run by students and alumni from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other leading universities across the country. That being said, if you’d to give card counting a try, there are numerous books and online courses that promise to teach you. You are most likely not going to be good enough to trick the casinos, but you will definitely impress your mates the next time you play a friendly game of Blackjack. And the best part is that we have created a detailed guide to playing blackjack where you can find all the rules as well as the best blackjack casinos in the UK.

Mit Students Blackjack Movie

The Movie 21 – How Hollywood Made the MIT Blackjack Team Famous

Mit Students Blackjack

At last, it is time to take a look at the movie 21, which popularised the MIT blackjack team and card counting as a whole. The plot revolves around the main character Ben Campbell(), who is recruited into the MIT blackjack team by his professor Micky Rosa, played by Kevin Spacey. The young man joins his fellow students and justifies his actions with the fact that he has no other way of paying his tuition debt of over $300,000. The six of them, led by their professor, head over to Las Vegas and start hitting one casino after another. As it often happens in real life, they hit some severe setbacks, that in turn lead to the end of the MIT blackjack team. And while 21 is not the best movie out there, if you are into the whole card counting thing, you should definitely watch it!