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A strong poker game thrives on making connections in how your opponents play, and a brain that is missing out on these connections could lead to a lower profitability in the long run.

Any game that you love to play, it's vital to think of the health implications of engaging in that game, and poker is a prime example of this theory. Poker is a fun game that has different advantages to the human brain, although some studies have shown that playing poker for excessive hours can hurt the brain, so it's vital to find a balance to get its good side. Getting a balance in playing hours will have to be joined with good diet, if not, poker can cause certain unwanted damages to the human brain, but the overall belief is that the game poker is useful for the brain. We'll quickly look through the health benefits a poker player gets from engaging in poker, and you'll know why poker is a good game for your system.
Poker is a game of skill which requires high levels of concentration, good understanding of maths, and analysis, so the brain is put to good use during every round of poker. Due to the complexities of poker, your brain can be stimulated effectively which will go on to enhance your mind or your thinking ability. A research which was carried out by a brain expert who has worked with top poker stars revealed that 'poker helps in the creation of new pathways in our brains'. These new pathways are continuously strengthened which helps information get processed faster, meaning that playing poker positively influences the human brain. Other traits that can be gotten from poker include patience, good focus, and discipline, meaning that the game poker is useful in more ways than people actually know. Expert poker players use their brain to process information during poker games, meaning that their brain rarely gets a break until that round is over, so it's vital to create a balance to rest.
Stressing the brain too much can cause a counter reaction, since it's known that stress has negative effects on the normal functioning of human brains. For expert poker stars, it's important to know when their brain can no longer do more work, and pushing on might cause the brain to retard. This is not just peculiar to poker, students who put in too much time studying have reported cases of severe headache which happened because the brain was stretched beyond its capacity. The brain's capacity to withstand stress can be developed by training yourself, so it's best to know how much your brain can take, and try not to go over that. Another study has shown that old people who played poker when they were younger has less chances of developing brain-related ailments, leading to a longer life. This study was conducted by putting 5, 000 old men into two teams where their brain capacity were tested. The first team that has people who have played poker in their youth had strong brain responses when compared to the other team that didn't.
To make things clearer, playing poker doesn't have any negative effects on your brain or your body, instead it is the attitude attached that might hurt you. Knowing when to stop is a vital step in getting just the positives that you can get from engaging in poker, and this is what expert poker players have mastered. Apart from affecting your brain, going on to play when you know that your brain is tired will make you lose cash because you'll not have enough concentration to win games. Playing poker for 12 hours everyday of the week can adversely affect the brain's functionality in a bad way, so even if you're winning, it's vital to pick out when to stop.
The overall gains of poker have been backed up by science, and this makes people continue playing poker without being scared for their well-being. Poker is known to prevent brain-related sicknesses because the brain works better when it's used for critical thinking, although there should be a check on this. Living as a poker player is profitable, especially If you're skilled enough to win games against your opponents, then you'll be making money while keeping your brain healthy. Like we've said, striking a balance is necessary if any poker player is going to get the full health benefits of playing poker.
  1. The brain maps show increased activity in the front right side of the brain for the amateur (an area associated with emotion), but an increase in both sides of the brain for the expert (associated with solving mathematical problems). A key phase of the game when the fifth card is dealt, face up.
  2. How Playing Poker Re-Wires Your Brain for the Better Imagine if your child came home one day and said 'I'm quitting school to play poker.' What would you say? The ' self-help book' parents would hug them, wish them all the best and swallow the vomit.
  3. A Probability Brain Teaser: Which set contains proportionately more flushes than the set of all possible poker hands? (1) Hands whose first card is an ace (2) Hands whose first card is the ace of spades (3) Hands with at least one ace (4) Hands with the ace of.

It has been proven that correct foods can help you think better/clearer. Why not take advantage of this in poker?


If food A makes you tired and food B makes you alert then doesn't it just make sense to eat food B before or during your grind?


As poker players we have to find every edge possible so here is another one for you. Just read the rest of this article, eat some of the foods and enjoy the everyday improvement.

Top ten brain foods for poker players

1. Walnuts. People who ate one handful of walnuts per day improved their working memory by 19%! They are also pretty tasty and make a great snack whilst grinding

2. Coffee. Small amounts can boost brainpower. Roughly 20-30 milligrams can make a huge difference to your day. Just don't get wired on the stuff.

3. Fish. I think this was the obvious one, they are packed with omega-3s which increase brain activity.

4. Spinach. Be the poker playing popeye! Spinach is packed with magnesium which helps dilate the blood vessels allowing blood to flow throughout the body and of course, the brain!

5. Olive oil. This helps reduce inflammation in your joints and cells. Keeping everything normal and ticking over.

Poker rainbow flop

6. Mussels. Filled with vitamin B12 it helps insulate your brain cells keeping you thinking clearer for longer. Very important as your ageing!

7. Dark chocolate. Cha-Ching! Obviously don't eat this all day or you will become a fatty but a few ounces a day will help improve blood flow to the brain. Stick to the pure stuff as Dairy Milks and Aeros don't have the same effect!

8. Peppermint. This can even be peppermint chewing gum. The smell has been associated with an increase in alertness and memory function by acting as a stimulant.


9. Oranges. Obviously Vitamin C! This is good for your body in general but its been proved it helps retina cells which our brains are filled with.

10. Berries. Any you choose are fine. These cut down the risk of parkinsons disease. So long term they are a great thing to keep on eating. Plus they taste awesome and make great snacks.

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Hopefully these suggestions help improve your mental game!