Poker Donkey Meaning


Donkey - a term to describe a beginner poker player who does not understand what he does or why he takes this or that action. The most common sign of a 'donk' is an often preflop calls or limps. Also, this kind of players often call raises, not realizing that they’re long ago behind their opponent.

Poker Donkey Meaning

Poker Donkey Meaning Slang

A poker donkey has replaced the poker fish. In the 1990s the bad players were referred to as fish. Nowadays they are called donkeys. A tournament that is full of donkeys or bad players is called a donkament. At the same time, the term continued to carry on its initial meaning in the sense that something was OG if it was the first of its kind or unique—that is, original. One notable example of OG in the context of commercialized rap is in LA-raised rapper Ice-T’s single (and album) “O.G. Original Gangster,” which, at its peak, was #7 on 1991.

If you have spotted a donk at your poker table, stick to ABC-poker playing against him (i.e., only with your strongest cards, playing accurately the winning combinations of poker hands), and 'donk' will soon give you all the chips in his stack.


The opposite term to a donkey is a regular or shark.

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