Poker Night Ending Explained

When you are in the casino at the beginning of a poker game, and you have lots of chips, the blinds are something you hardly notice. Towards the end of a poker night, especially if things aren’t going so well and your chip pile is lower than you’d like it to be, or the blind bets are increasing in size, then the blind can really eat into your stack.
Some poker games have antes – forced bets. But Texas Holdem doesn’t, meaning you can fold your cards without betting. Texas Holdem poker does have something called blinds though. They are another type of forced bet, but this time before you have been dealt your cards. Like antes, they exist so that there is a cost to playing, so the poker games don’t go on and on with players just waiting to be dealt a great hand. Paul Phua thinks that the blind keeps the momentum up, and ensures the game of poker finishes within a reasonable time frame – especially since the blinds often increase in value during a game of Texas Holdem to speed things up even further.

  1. Poker night is a testosterone-fueled occasion, and spirits are running high and flowing fast. When the women come home, Stanley has been losing money, and needs to save face with his buddies. The combination of liquor, the late hour, the bad poker hands, and Stanley's increasing annoyance at his sister-in-law's presence all lead to him finally.
  2. Poker Night / The Dissolve. Trapped in a serial killer’s subterranean torture room, a rookie cop (Beau Mirchoff) flashes back to his department poker games for tips on.
  3. First Time Winslow: Sam, would you please place your bounty on the table? Sam: I hope I know what I'm doing. (gets his banjo and sets it on the table) Winslow: A banjo? Usually our bounties are more.powerful. Max: Oh, it's powerful alright. It can eradicate eardrums within a 5-mile radius. Following Times Winslow: Your banjo, Sam? Sam: (gets his banjo and sets it on the table).
  4. Judge Dawkins sends his wife and children out of town, ostensibly to have a poker night with his friends. Instead, Dawkins calls his lover Billy, who asks $1000 for sleeping with him. Dawkins agree and Billy spends the money in meth. Steph now asks Andy, whom she has manipulated into believing they are together, to take the money from Dawkins.

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There are mainly two blinds in Texas Holdem – the big and small blind, but there can sometimes be three players who have to make them.

The name comes from the fact that players are being asked to bet without seeing their hands. They are betting blind, with no knowledge of the hand’s worth. So in the casino, whether you hold a 2 and a 3 unsuited, or a pair of aces – before you see your hand it’s all the same.
Paul Phua says the blind also marks potential poker strategy. Depending on your position around the poker table in a casino, or a social poker night where the dealer changes as the “button” moves from player to player, you will have to give certain blinds. Being in the small blind spot on a poker table is a disadvantage because you will be the first to act in every round after the flop. But Paul Phua’s poker tip is to remember never feel committed to a pot simply because you have paid your blind, especially in Texas Holdem, and not be afraid to enter a pot if you have a strong enough hand.

Awkward isn’t the word I’d use to describe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, but it’s the direction Kim Richards chose to go.

Kim took to her blog to explain the poker night from hell. She shared that she was ill at the time, praised Brandi Glanville for being a good friend, and called out Kyle Richards for saying she felt embarrassed by Kim.

“I think this episode should be renamed AWKWARD,” shared Kim. “The events that happened were definitely tough on a personal level, but at the same time, I can’t help but have a laugh about it in the end.” Huh. I missed the funny parts.


First, Kim touched on the wine tasting. It was awkward.

Poker Night Ending Explained Ending

“From the limo to the spa to the wine tasting, there was literally alcohol everywhere in this episode. But I am so strong in my sobriety today and know how to handle situations like this. I removed myself from the situation and was fine the whole trip. It was AWKWARD only because the people made the situation awkward by constantly checking in on me. While I am appreciative of everyone’s concern, I just want them to trust me when I say, ‘I’m totally fine. It doesn’t bother me.’ Overall, the spa day was perfectly fine and fun.”

Poker Night Ending Explained Movie

Next, Kim explained the events that led up to poker night.

Poker Night Ending Explained

“Before the poker party took place, I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. I went to the doctor several times because I was in so much pain, so I really was in no shape to go to the spa day or poker night. And I definitely didn’t want to go out when Monty came back to the house before poker night after being gone for a couple days. I just wanted to stay at home with him, but I had to go to Eileen’s with the girls. I took the pain medication from Monty thinking it can get me through the pain I was experiencing. Little did I know, it just made me kind of out of it!”


Then, Kimcalled outKyle, who made the night awkward.

“But seriously, if I knew the medication was going to affect me in a negative way, I would have NEVER taken it. Careless decision on my part – lesson learned! Also, I was hurt that all Kyle could say was how embarrassed she was. As a sister, I would be worried, not embarrassed. I’m just grateful that Brandi was a good friend and supported me. What I don’t understand is why so many of the girls tried to make me stay when all I wanted to do was go home and rest after it got AWKWARD. Why would anyone want to make the situation worse after me and Kyle’s bathroom confrontation? Sometimes, we all just have to let it go.”

Last, Kim shared that “major injuries” send her to the hospital. And, no, major injuries is not code for relapse. Oh, and all the drama was awkward.

Poker night ending explained meaning

“In the next episode you will see that I end up in the hospital with major injuries due to being sick, but because of my history, some people will automatically assume one thing, even though they have seen nothing but strength and courage in my sobriety for the last three years. To quote myself, if I may, ‘I have nothing to hide from anybody.’ Despite all the AWKWARD drama between Kyle, me, and Brandi, I just want to focus on staying healthy, strong, and happy for myself and my loved ones!”

Bottom line, Kim should have stayed home if she was that sick. Also, Brandi is a friend to no one. Kim will learn this the hard way. If she hasn’t already.


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