Red Rock Blackjack

Sit back, relax, and catch all of the latest blockbusters at Red Rock Resort’s 16-screen Regal Cinemas and IMAX complex. Browse showtimes and purchase tickets using the link below or call 702.233.6948 for more information. Hard Rock requires players to bet between $25 and $100 to get a 3-2 blackjack game. There are a few double, four, six, and eight deck games you will find 3-2 payouts; the rest are 6-5. The six-deck, $100 minimum bet high limit tables offer players the surrender option. The RedRock 4x4 42' Extreme Recovery Jack in Red features a universal fitment and is suitable for use on all 1987-2020 Jeep Wranglers, including YJ, TJ, JK or JL models. Intended for off road use, please follow all appropriate safety practices to prevent serious injury.

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There are many great blackjack games in Las Vegas, even on the Strip.

However, there are also many tables that should be avoided.

Below is the list of the worst blackjack games in the market. This list has been compiled as part of my annual survey of LasVegas table games.

There is some good news this year. There are only a few entrants into the list.

The worst games from last year are still on the wall of shame with only one new participant.

Golden Nugget takes the top spot for a second straight year.

It has a pit of four tables in the front of the casino where Bonus Spin Blackjack is spread. This $1 side bet is typically optional. At Golden Nugget, it’s mandatory. Even worse, the table onlypays 6:5 on a blackjack. The minimum bet is $5.

The Bonus Spin side bet permits the player to spin a virtual wheel when a blackjack is dealt. I estimate a 23% house edge on the side bet as an ace dealt does get the bet back, something normallyfound in the rules. The blackjack game has a house edge of about 2%.

On a $5 bet, the player theoretically loses $0.23 on the side bet and $0.10 on the flat bet. This theoretical $0.33 loss per hand on a $5 bet puts the house edge at 5.5%. This is the worstblackjack game in Las Vegas.

There are several decent blackjack options at Golden Nugget.


For $10 or $15, you will find a 3:2 blackjack game with surrender and double down before and after splitting. For $50, you will find a double-deck game in high limit with double down before andafter splitting.

Four Queens and Binion’s have their own version of Bonus Spin Blackjack.

Like Golden Nugget, the side bet is mandatory. However, the game pays 3:2 on blackjack. Signs proudly announce this rule change to draw players. Unfortunately, it’s a gimmick because players arebetter off playing any standard 6:5 game or even a video version on a Game King that pays even money on a blackjack.

The minimum bet is $5 at each of these casinos. The main bet theoretically loses $.0325 per hand. The side bet has an expected loss of $0.23. This puts the house edge at 4.38%, making it thesecond-worst blackjack game in Las Vegas.

Four Queens has one 3:2 blackjack table. It has a $25 minimum bet. It uses two decks. Double down after splitting is not permitted. Binion’s does not have any other 3:2 tables.

If you must play something at Binion’s, we recommend craps where the minimum bet is $5 and odds are five times.

Free Bet Blackjack has become a popular game in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, every installation on the Strip and at Station Casinos pays 6:5. This puts the house edge at 2.4%.

There are still a few 3:2 Free Bet Blackjack tables in Las Vegas.

You will find them at Eastside Cannery, Golden Gate, Plaza, and The D. The house edge for this game is 1.03%.

Zombie Blackjack is a variant where the player can win on a busted hand if the dealer is showing a 7 through ace.

This game had a 3:2 payout when it was first released, even at Venetian and Binion’s. However, this game now has a 6:5 payout at Red Rock Resort. That is the only casino left that spreads it.

The house edge on 6:5 Zombie Blackjack with a 6:5 payout and perfect play is 2.39%.

Red Rock Resort has $10 3:2 double-deck blackjack games with double down after splitting. Try one of these tables instead.

The party pit blackjack at Caesars Palace pays 6:5. This is not that unusual. However, it also has more bad rules.

Eight decks are used. Players can only double down on 10 and 11. Double down after splitting is not allowed. Aces may only be split one time. Surrender is not allowed. The house edge for thisgame is 2.34%.

This game is not just found in the party pit. It is spread in every table game pit at Caesars Palace outside of the dome and high limit.

Red Rock Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Caesars Palace offers 3:2 eight-deck blackjack under the dome. It allows double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender.

The dealer hits soft 17. For $100, this game stands on all 17s. Another $100 game is double-deck blackjack with double down before and after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17 here.

Knowing which blackjack tables to avoid in Las Vegas is useful. My list of the worst Vegas blackjack games in 2019 will help you steer clear of the tables offering the least favorable rules andconditions.

Red Rock Poker Promotions

If you’re wondering where you SHOULD play, check out my list of the best blackjack games in Las Vegas thisyear. You can also check the full results of my 2019 Vegas blackjack survey for more information.

For any questions regarding this list of blackjack games, or my survey in general, please use the comments below or contact me onTwitter.

Red Rock Craps Table

Will someone please post the BJ conditions there! zg
April 17, 2006
Red Rock opens doors to priciest off-Strip casino in Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Nestled near the entrance to a scenic national conservation area, Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa is set to open its doors Tuesday, becoming the priciest off-Strip casino resort ever built in Las Vegas.
Resort owner Station Casinos Inc. is hoping to lure people away from the bright lights of Sin City to an opulent vacation spot set against the western mountains about 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, where visitors can launch rugged adventures, be pampered in a spa, gamble, and indulge in a decadent nightclub.
'We're really capitalizing on the great outdoors, being so close to Red Rock Canyon,' spokeswoman Lori Nelson said. 'By day, it's truly a resort experience. You hang out at the pool, get your spa treatments, go do some adventure hiking, and at night you have the excitement of Vegas.'
At $925 million, the cost to build Red Rock is a fraction of the cost of MGM Mirage Inc.'s planned $7 billion Project CityCenter or the $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas opened last year in the heart of the city.
But it is more than twice the $415 million Station Casinos spent on Green Valley Ranch, its predecessor in southeastern Henderson that opened in 2001.
Red Rock's hotel lobby is swathed in brown Macassar ebony wood, teakwood sandstone and Michelangelo marble. The shapes, colors and designs throughout the structure mimic the surrounding rocky, desert landscape.
The glitz of Las Vegas shines through 3.1 million pieces of crystal used throughout the property, including a 32-foot high chandelier in the rotunda and a waterfall column that appears to spill over the bar in the Lucky Bar.
Most of the casino resort's revenues are expected to come from nearby residents. Chief financial officer Glenn Christenson said Red Rock's location in the growing, upscale suburb of Summerlin will help it quickly recoup development costs.
'A lot of these folks, when they go on vacation, they're used to staying in Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons or St. Regis,' he said. 'This is an experience that is, I think, consistent with what they generally do for entertainment.'
The company is hoping for a five-star rating on the property, which will open with 414 rooms, a 35,000 square-foot spa, 62 table games, 3,200 slot machines and a three-acre pool and beach area that has rental cabanas and outdoor dining.
Upstairs from nine restaurants, a poker room, a 16-screen theater and a sports book with three screens spanning 96 by 18 feet, guests will find rooms equipped with 42-inch plasma TVs and iPod-ready Bose stereo systems. Up to 850 rooms are to be ready by early next year.
At night, the operators expect to draw on the Los Angeles celebrity crowd to help fill its Cherry nightclub, owned by club magnate Rande Gerber, husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford.
To get to Cherry, fronted by a sculpture of two cherries by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, patrons will walk through a carnal red tunnel to pulsating music, Gerber said.
'Once you get into that tunnel, you're not hearing the bells and whistles and slots of the casino,' he said. 'All of the sudden you're in this womb-like tunnel. There'll be a lot of bass, it's almost like a heartbeat, boom, boom, boom.'
Inside the more scandalous men's washroom, thinly partitioned from the women's, are urinals shaped like women's lips, which Gerber called a 'silly but interesting' detail.
Observers said the scale and luxury of Red Rock, Station's 15th casino in southern Nevada, is a far cry from the Bingo Palace that the company opened with residents in mind in 1977.
'The Las Vegas market is becoming very sophisticated,' said David Schwartz, coordinator of the Gaming Studies Research Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 'If you work at the Bellagio or you work at Wynn Las Vegas, you're familiar with the amenities that guests get. The local residents want something like that for themselves. This is a recognition of that.'
'Every time I think we've hit the limit, we go beyond the limit,' said Michael Green, a history professor at the Community College of Southern Nevada.
'We've come a long way since the $6 million Bugsy (Siegel) spent for the Flamingo' built in 1946, he said.
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