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Smoky Casino Pregnant

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Quote: SiegfriedRoy

I hope I can get some help or suggestion for this.
I'm hosting two very close friends from the UK in October. They've booked tickets 6 months ago to fly to Vegas and spend 2 nights 3 days with myself in Vegas and then go to San Fran for a few days before heading back. A couple of days ago, they announced that they were pregnant. My assumption said 'there goes their Vegas trip,' but my friends were not fazed by it at all. They've been to Vegas before, and they think the 'big strip' casinos are fine with their air circulating system. I showed a bit of concern, but they don't think it's a big deal as long as they stay and gamble in the non-smoking section.
Now, my libertarian in me says don't get involved and let them do whatever they want. However, I don't think I will have as much fun keep thinking about my pregnant friend spending 3-4 hours on the casino floor each night. FYI my friends play 50% slots and 50% table games. And WHAT IF, something goes wrong with their pregnancy, I may feel forever guilty for being part of the reason.
Cancelling their Vegas trip is out of the question at this point. At least she's going to abstain from drinking , but I personally think it's a bad idea to be exposed to that much smoke for 3 days.
My current reservation is at Planet Hollywood, and I found that place to be really smoky. Since my friends won't budge doing something else, I may have to do my own part by changing hotels to a less smokier place. I know the Wizard did his independent testing of air quality about 10 years ago. Did he have a follow-up on this or announced publicly/privately which casino was the best. Does anybody have any good suggestions on a hotel or casino that seems to be less smokier (I've been told Palazzo and Venetian and Aria). I've also got suggestions from other friends that if gambling is a must for my friends, the advice is to do it in the AM where there is less traffic and less smokers. Is there such a thing as a non-smoking casino in vegas or at least a huge space dedicated for non-smokers? Any suggestions or advice would help. Thanks.

— A judge in Danville has issued an order for a referendum that will ask voters if gaming should be permitted at a casino on West Main Street, according to a statement released. I work in a casino, a smoke filled casino. I did not work in a casino when I was pregnant with my son, I was in school full time. I see dealers pregnant and working while customers are blowing smoke practically in their faces, I know the casino will try to put that dealer in a non smoking area.

Smoky Casino Pregnant Pass

Does she have a history of drinking while pregnant? She is an adult, and you are not going to change her behavior, and you are certainly not responsible for anything that does or does not happen.

Smoky Casino Pregnant And Belly

It sounds like you are more worried about her than she is.
There are many casinos that have nonsmoking sections, but it sounds like your friend is not going to be interested in playing it safe.
There are also some smoke free hotels (Planet Hollywood is not one of them).

Smoky Casino Pregnant And Coronavirus

Smoky Casino Pregnant And Twins

I am not trying to sound boorish, but based on your description of her, I doubt she will be interested in reading air quality charts...

Smoky Casino Pregnant And Pinching

'Now, my libertarian in me says don't get involved and let them do whatever they want.'

Smoky Casino Pregnant Images

That is the best advice, you are not going to change their behavior, and you could jeopardize your friendship by trying to micromanage their trip and acting like you care more about her pregnancy than she does. Just let them have fun, have fun with them, you are not responsible for their health.