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Feb 10, 2014, 10:01am EST. A 1,600-room luxury casino resort from growing hospitality company sbe. This will be the fourth SLS property in the US (New York, South Beach and LA, while sbe also. After a wave of casino openings, Macao has become the largest casino market in the world with an annual gross gambling revenue of over 36 billion U.S. Dollars in 2019.


There are millions of casinos all over the world, but only a few that could really be considered luxury enough to make this list. The ten I have picked are not only some of the biggest real-world casinos you will ever visit, but they are also the most expensive and exclusive casinos from around the world. When you are done playing with your free spins with your online casino you might want to save up that money you would have spent on visiting one of these…

The Bellagio – Las Vegas, USA

This amazing casino is situated in Las Vegas, home of gambling. The whole interior of this casino is base on an Italian theme making it feel even more amazing. It has hotels, restaurants and many, many other attractions within its walls.

The Ritz Club – London, UK

Located in the heart of London this is one of the worlds most exclusive casinos and of course is members only. With all the casino tables located inside a grand ballroom, it is like something out of a bond movie.

Casino de Ibiza – Ibiza, Spain

Situated inside the Ibiza grand hotel you can play just about anything you want here from roulette to blackjack and one of the hundreds of slot games. It is widely considered the best casino in Spain and I am not going to argue with that!

Park Hyatt Mendoza – Mendoza, Argentina

This is not just a fancy hotel with some nice old-school colonial Spanish architecture, it is also a pretty swank casino and one with table games with zero limits!

St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino – Cranbrook, Canada

This is probably the worlds best-looking casino and offers all in one entertainment and gambling. In fact, this resort is so exclusive it is often vacated by Royalty or big name celebrities!

Casino du Liban – Jounieh, Lebanon

With over 400 slot machines and 50 gaming tables, this casino is 35000 sq meters of gambling fun. In 1989 it closed its doors for 7 years until 1996 when a casino investor put $50 million into getting it refurbished and up and running again.

Monte Carlo Casino – Ville, Monaco

This amazing complex includes a casino, the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. It has also been the setting for several bond movies due to its iconic architecture.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – Las Vegas, USA

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has appeared in more casino movies than any other and is often considered world famous in the gambling scene. While not all that exclusive it is certainly the most luxury.

Wynn Macau – Macau, China

If you want your casino to look like gold you need to see this one at night. It is almost a work of art! It is owned by Wynn Resorts who owns literally hundreds of casinos located all over the world.

The Venetian Macao – Esperanca, Macau

Said to be the worlds most expensive casino it is the 6th largest building in the world (based on area) and features 376,000 sqft of gambling space that houses a mind-blowing 1850 slot machines and over 600 table games! With several of these tables featuring zero limits.

Top 10 Casino In The World 2014 Download

Pretty much every industry out there has struggled quite considerably with the economic crisis that came to surface in 2008 and that really shook the markets. The casinos industry was no exception to that rule of thumb, even though they already seem to be getting back to their feet since 2012, at least according to a report published by the “American Gambling Association” near the end of 2013 and which accounted for data about the “Casino Market & Revenue Statistics bulletin”.

The economic crisis has undoubtedly played a big role in a notorious slowdown within the casinos industry, but at the same time, it’s also true that the proliferation of online gambling alternatives certainly hasn’t helped much to keep the activity levels as high as they used to be several years ago. Even in countries where the regulation and licensing for gambling activities seems to be favorable to the industry, a live UK casino running on a website for example, still benefits from several internet gaming laws unlike the more traditional physical casinos.

Nevertheless and in one way or another, most of the casinos established across the World seem to have survived the crisis and already adapted to the new challenges that lie ahead. In this article, we’ll go through a shortlist of the 5 largest physical casinos in the World in 2014, outlining a few key points for each one of them.

Top 5 largest casinos in the World – 2014

#1 – The Venetian Macao
Country: Macau, China
Size: 546.000 square feet
Table and poker games: 870
Gaming machines: +3.000

Macau can probably be proud of many things accomplished throughout their history and having the largest casino in the World in their lands has got to be on that list. The Venetian Macao has the particularity of being totally themed on Italy’s beautiful Venice and it’s naturally one of the most luxurious casinos ever built.

#2 – City of Dreams Casino
Country: Macau, China
Size: 420.000 square feet
Table and poker games: 520
Gaming machines: +1.300

Top 10 Casino In The World 2014 Final

The City of Dreams casino in Macau, China

Top 10 casino in the world 2014 full

The second largest casino in the World is also located in Macau. Unlike its main competitor, the City of Dreams Casino tries to be a better fit for younger audiences, starting with the entire decoration across its facilities to the name given to each room and division inside the casino.

#3 – Foxwoods Resort Casino
Country: Connecticut, United States
Size: 340.000 square feet
Table and poker games: 400
Gaming machines: +7.000

The largest casino in the World outside Macau belongs to the United States. It has roughly 7.000 slot machines, which impressively beats the Venetian Macao’s number by more than doubling it.

Top 10 Casino In The World 20142014

#4 – Casino Porte
Country: Macau, China
Size: 270.000 square feet
Table and poker games: 150
Gaming machines: +300

The Casino Porte in Macau, China

Despite its size, the Casino Porte in Macau doesn’t really offer as many gaming machines and poker games as the previous 3 casinos on the list. It’s oriented to a slightly different audience, as it privileges the architectural aspect over everything else.

#5 – Tusk Rio Casino Resort
Country: Klerksdorp, South Africa
Size: 266.000 square feet
Table and poker games: 12
Gaming machines: +250

Similarly to the Casino Porte in Macao, the Tusk Rio Casino Resort is much more than a gambling space. It’s inspired on Brazil’s Carnival from Rio de Janeiro and it’s definitely worth the visit if you ever travel to South Africa.

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