Warning Signs Of Compulsive Gambling

GamblingWarning signs of compulsive gambling addiction

Warning Signs Of Gambling Addiction

Compulsive gambling is prevalent in America, more commonplace than you could ever imagine. Yearly, over two million Americans struggle with gambling addiction. There are signs, only if you can pay close attention. In this piece, we will share with you some of the signs your loved one has a gambling addiction. Here are some warning signs to look. Compulsive gambling warning signs include: Preoccupation — Individuals with gambling problems find it difficult to focus on anything but gambling. They may have a hard time completing tasks because thinking about gambling memories, fantasies or upcoming events is irresistible.

Warning Signs Of Compulsive Gambling Addiction

With the Big Game upon us next Sunday, America is in the throes of one of the biggest gambling binges of the year. How can you tell when gambling goes from “a little harmless fun” to a crippling addiction?
Gambling addiction is no joke and can impact people from all walks of life. Many people think that process addictions -- gambling, eating disorders, sex, shopping, spending, gaming -- are less serious than a substance use disorder. However, gambling affects the brain in a similar way as drugs or alcohol, activating the same areas of the brain and giving people a similar high. It’s equally as damaging and just as compulsive – especially given the immediate access to gambling through smart phones. The consequences can affect families, careers, and lives just as severely. Therefore, it’s just as critical to end the shame and stigma associated with gambling and empower families to seek support.
Many times, I have a patient who is deep into gambling addiction, and the family will insist the patient must be addicted to drugs. However, he or she is not using drugs. The compulsion to gamble becomes so all-consuming that it mirrors the use of chemical substances. Erratic behavior can manifest in a very similar way – lying, staying out late, stealing money.
So, what are the signs of a gambling problem?